Funny gif paragraph: I cried: "Boss, I will not talk in the future."

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Funny gif paragraph: I cried: "Boss, I will not talk in the future."

2021-12-03 12:57:21 91 ℃

Funny gif paragraph: This is hard to choose

1. In the evening, my friends and my wife visited my house. When we left, I was going to the house downstairs for them, but my friends and my wife were speaking. During the delay, the wife turned around and picked out the garbage from the kitchen, "said we went downstairs to pour garbage, just."

2, take the subway home, the Shanghai late peak is squeezed, I will not say it, I can't see it, I can't think of it, and there is a buddy to sit down. I said that I was also sitting, my brother took out the video of the mobile phone. I was squeezed and said: "Brothers are really calm, there is a mood video." The buddy "Hey!" Said: "It's too late to go home, there is no evidence, there is no evidence. Penalties by the wife! "

3, "Beauty, please stay, talk to you!" "I don't know you, what?" "You are so young, so beautiful, deeply attracted me, I want to send you a gift. "" What? "" I want to give you a personal flesh "

4, take the bus today, I have played a big mother. I got up and gave her a seat. The aunt smiled and asked me: How old is the young man? Me: 26, Aunt: 26, I still squeeze the bus, my daughter 22 bought a car. I smiled: Ha, I got some money, I bought a car this year. My mother can't let her squeeze the bus. Do you say it?

5, I will collapse, explain: "Boss, don't be angry, you see you more talented, proficient in multiple languages!" Female boss is more anxious: "He is full, Han, Mongolia, Tibet multi-language, What do you mean? "I cried:" Boss, I don't talk in the future! "