Funny gif paragraph: this swan is a bit good

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Funny gif paragraph: this swan is a bit good

2021-12-03 12:56:23 45 ℃

Funny gif paragraph: This swan guy is a bit good! Ha ha

1. So in the third quarter of the competition, Japanese players are more cultivated. First, when Xu Jie is moving the ball at the bottom line, he is hit by the opponent's 20th. Secondly, Guo Allen was slammed in the next basket and was pulled down by the other 15 points. Therefore, it is clear that the Japanese men's basketball team not only lost the game, but also lost his professional ethics.

2, the family opened a halogen shop, business is still hot. That day, I received a customer phone: 11 am, my wife told me to cook my rice at home, she went to your house to buy the halo pig ears, but now it has been four hours, she didn't come back, call Also shut down. I am busy: I have never seen your wife, you still alarm, hit me this is useless. The phone: I don't mean, I have said four hours, I am cooked, but there is no dish, I am tired and hungry now, can you help me send a pig ear? Ok, the guest officer is shipped.

3, last night, on the wine table, several buddies chatted with the relationship between marriage and the beef. Xu said: "This marriage is the surrounding city. I am the city wall. I am around my wife every day." Xiao Liu said: "Don't look at me for two years, but I have entered this city, I feel like I found it. According to the ground, the daughter-in-law put the flag in the city, and my thoughts were coming to the wife. "The voice just fell, Liang Ge stood up, busy with jacket, we advised him to sit again, Liang Ge Shake and shook his head and said, "I have to withdraw, my family is ten o'clock."

4, I met in the street, I haven't seen it for more than 20 years! I will ask a small: a stream, remember me? I shake my head and say: I don't impress it! I said: I am your primary school classmate, I will tell you when I am in the third grade! Send a novel: I still have not impressed. I said: When I fifth, the city's Olympics competition first prize. Send a novel: I really don't impress it. I said: The sixth grade urine pants, was hit by the teacher, the two slaps! Send a novel: Oh! I think of it, it is you!

5. The boy is accompanied by a girl who has been in love. Five minutes have passed, ten minutes have passed, and the two are not moving. The boy wanted to break the silence, then asked with concern: the cold? She nodded. Boy: Then I can help you cover cover it? Blushing shy girl said: ah. Then, the boy stood up, put his hand over the bottle.