I listen to the smirkey joke 1.0

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I listen to the smirkey joke 1.0

2021-12-03 12:56:57 64 ℃


I asked what you love, you said just finished


I like you, you don't like me, then I turn it, I am in Guangdong, I shouted dozens of prostitutes, why did you like a dog.


Just caught an ant, then I used the rope, tied it, there is a flower, take a borrow.


You don't like it, I don't matter. After all, it is not everyone's taste.


I heard that the leek will be more rough, and the beard is scraped and it will become more rough, I have a bold idea ...


Life is forced, juncture, 10 yuan / minute in Northeast, Mandarin 1 yuan / minute

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Thirty-seven degrees of weather, you said that hot death, thirty-seven degrees of people said to hold?


Do you have a girl who breathes? I really like the girl who will breathe, the girl who will breathe is really extra points here, and the girl who will breathe will fall in love with me.


You used to laugh at the boss, talk to a piece of electronic screen, now look at yourself


Do you talk, is you making money? I sent a one-day friend circle and I didn't care about me? I am so scared, I am afraid that you earn money.