Funny gif paragraph: "Yesterday she wants to do hairstyle, with me asking for money."

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Funny gif paragraph: "Yesterday she wants to do hairstyle, with me asking for money."

2021-12-04 00:04:08 95 ℃

Funny gif paragraph: 闲 下 下, hahahaha

1. The cousin said that I have to ask me to drink, I will go. When I arrived, I found that the cousin was sighing while drinking, I asked him what happened. He: "My wife can't talk to me!" I: "How? You can't get to her?" He: "Yesterday she had to do hairstyle, with me asked me." I: "You didn't give her?" ? "The cousin marked a sigh of relief and said:" It is to have something! "He drunk a drunk and continued:" I gave her 2000 pieces. She immediately slammed my collar, questioning my money Come! "

2, a few buddies roadside booth, a drink, go to the street, I took him to let him go to the alley, he drunk too much, he is too urinating, he is a sister, looking at it. The buddies loudly said: Brother, I saw it, I was quite fine. "There is a long whistle of the buddy, and the urine is chasing the past, and the sister is scared ...

3, suddenly ran to a primary school student, holding money in his hand, old leaders smiling, this calligraphy is the quintessence, or there is a product. The primary school students shouted: Grandpa, a set of pancake fruits! Double egg, I want to be awkward, don't spicy! The old leader is angry with the nose, saying loudly: children, calligraphy is the quintessence, not joking. Look at the little classmates leave, the old leadership is inherently: children, you come back, I give you a pancake row? In the elderly university, I also learned Chinese painting ...

4, in life, now many young people get married are relatively large, before we should get married age, few people are not married, now they can be different, some people are 30 years old, there is no object, because now they The pressure is too big, and the marriage is not only to buy a car, but also do a few hundred thousand gifts. If there is enough funds in the home, then young people have struggled for many years, so the age of marriage is also I have pushed. But the family is in a hurry. I am afraid that I can't get my wife. I am arranged everywhere, just like this young man, long doesn't, the first blind date is full of food, it seems to have a nausea, this is Why?

5, female colleague self-study, doing buns, repeated trials, repeatedly, repeatedly, be more frustrated. Yesterday, she was the closest success. It is said that the face is particularly good, flexible, and packs more than a dozen buns, but also a few steamed bread as an experiment. The first moment of opening the pot, seeing the buns is particularly good, the skin is tight, but the moment is collapsed, crumpled, the hoe is good, and it is almost the same as the outside. When you eat, his husband asked for a good question: I have eaten three meanings? Her prostitute is relatively simple, put the buns stuffed out, and eat it in the tower.