Twelve constellations December fortune analysis!

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Twelve constellations December fortune analysis!

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01 Aries

During this time before December 8, Aries need to pay special attention to their physical condition. Some white sheep may drink some tea for beauty or slimming, and the result is strong or too cold, and the tonic must grasp the goodness, or it is harmful to her body. In addition, Aries may also find their own friends or a secret of lovers. It's like a friend, but I didn't tell you, or the other party secretly made a head, in all, in general, it is possible for Aries. It is a small impact.

During the 10th to 20th, the Way of Aries will be busy. Some white sheep will have a report show, open class or a speech. It is necessary to prepare in advance, whether it is a job itself or your clothes on the day. The type of hairstyle, doing all the previous work will have excellent results.

At the same time, the white sheep will be more worse in these days in December, and can maximize the needs of their own diet and travel, but if you purchase big items, you still have to consider clear, or see if you want to bring it to avoid bringing it. More economic pressure.

After the 20th, the Aries will have a new feeling, which will be clearly known to what they want, still a matter of work in the work. Aries with fixed partners are very pleasant to each other, whether it is the body or spirit, can get great relaxation, so I can find a balance between work and life, and enjoy life.

In the end of the month, Aries were more likely to be emptive, and they will be because of little things and family or lover, that is, your closest people, it is also easy to bring this negative emotion into work. This behavior is trying to make a grammar, and the management of mood is not difficult for Aries, but it is very important. Single white sheep is extremely high in rushing and love, the first impression is seriously affected by your rational judgment on peach blossom. There will be a family or colleague to introduce the object, but because the other's long phase is not the type you like, it is not willing to contact. Is it necessary to spend a time for people to understand, or a person is not a wise choice too early.

December Aries Summary: At this time, there is this day, and there is nothing of the gods.

02 Taurus

Before December 12th, Taurus's actions would be better. It can solve the problem before it is very high efficient in a short time, and the performance in communication is also excellent, so engaged in sales or engage in intermediary work. The Taurus will have a very good performance, continue to cheer! In this day, the Taurus will be a little less unspeakable. Single Taurus will pay special attention to the heterosexual, want to promote the relationship between you, but don't worry. The Jinling will have the idea that the fixed partner will end this feeling or start a new love, the people around you are also very picky. It doesn't make suggestions or comments. If people drink water and warm and self-knowledge, everything is to do it. Decide.

From the 8th to 14th, Taurus will have a lot of money in this time. For example, if you have a bamboo bar, please eat too much, spend too much, or the wedding of friends and family, in short, it is a small challenge to your wallet. During this period, the work of Jinniu will also change, such as being paired by the mandate or go out, and some Taurus may be guided by the leadership, the "planned to be resigned". In terms of learning, the students' party Jinniu will spur and exhaustion due to excessive test, this mentality will make him a bit pessimism, I feel that I have been very difficult, in fact, I can use the spare time and teacher or parents, I will get some. Suggest. Memory before going to bed is often good, this time chooses to recite easier to remember, you can try to look at the new learning method, some changes can improve learning efficiency.

After the 15th, Taurus is in health, there will be some small harsh. The male in the Taurus is very easy to bring the burden on your own gastrointestinal drinking, such as intermittent to the stomach or stomach pain, it is recommended to avoid eating cold things, especially ice beer, ice steam. So the golden cattle still needs more feet in the health during this period, and the insomnia condition will increase, you need to adjust your job time, develop a good habit of getting up early. I remember to stretch before exercise, and there is not to challenge my body state, and the female Taurus moves remember to avoid the physiological period.

During this time after the 19th, the single Taurus may have more contact with your favorite opposite sex. It is possible to watch a movie or participate in the gathering, even a festival, and it will compare it. Happy, there is a feeling of love, so if you can determine each other's mind, you will be together, I wish 99 ~ Near Month, the economic pressure of Taurus will gradually increase because of the frequent loss of money before, but don't be afraid, During this period, there will be some part-time olive branches to the golden cattle, especially the golden cattle in design and photography, will receive private life, can consider not picking up.

After the 28th, Taurus's travel event will be more likely to encounter a traffic jamper. It is recommended that the golden cows do a good job in psychological construction. In fact, public transport will be more relaxed in this period! There is a lot of time to get along with the golden cattle and each other, what is the idea is not as good as the other party, since it can be able to be together, since it will be able to be together, the favorite is true, the happiness, which is also true. If you have any questions, you still have to solve it. The Student Party can take a break when you are going to make a holiday holiday, and the new year can be better invested in the study state! December Jinniu Summary: The aftertaste is bitter, and there is a return. What you are now tangled may also become a highlight you want.

03 sonot

Around December 3, the two sons will be more serious than usual, and it is very likely to delay the company or the general affairs of the department because of the moment, there is a public criticism or expensive. Be careful to be cautious. Some of the sons of fixed partners have a more intention to make your relationship, and it is a very good thing for both parties. Whether it is to see your parents or engage in marriage, it is worthy of being planned.

No. 9 double child should be careful that the friend will come to borrow money, there may be no resurrection, so the purpose of engaging the other party's high borrowing money is also considering the exertion of two people, because recently is not suitable for mixing and friendships The problem. Stay away from you to your friends, you can borrow money! There is also good news, that is, the student party double-child will have a big progress in the exam. I prove my potential to you, especially the high three party, will get great confidence, so although the day is inevitable, but still insist Down, don't give up.

Before and after the 15th, the time of the two sons and family came into contact with the family. Although their clothes were taken care of, they will accept more ods at home, and the doubles are quite worried, so think about how to get along with their families. This is also a question. During this period, the two sons of teachers must be more cautious. It may be relevant to the teachers who participate in the proceedings outside the school. If there is such part-time job, it is recommended to clear the relationship as soon as possible to avoid not compensation.

On the 22nd, the two sons may need to accept some small tests, but as long as they are careful and cautious. In addition, we have just said that work is more careful, but don't overkill, moderately pursue perfection is a good thing, but also improve personal requirements, but too harsh will become a stumbling block. If you have friction with your colleague or customers, it is recommended to be a matter of reason, don't compromise because of human feelings, don't be too strong in relationships, but also maintain a large and rationality, don't revenge because of small things. Will affect your mood.

During this time, single double sons may confess to the like, but the result is not particularly smooth, and the other party is likely to be vague. If he does not tell you his thoughts, then the reason may have Both, one is that he doesn't like you, but I don't know how to refuse to hurt your kindness; the second is that you just hit the fish in the fish pond, he just wants to catch you, but no matter which, Don't worry too much.

Near the end of the year, the two son will also have the harvest of this year, and there will also have a chance to get some corresponding gifts. If you have not received it, you will reward yourself is also great ~

December Double Summary: You are not ordinary people in all sings, hard work, bitter, will come, people will come.

04 Cancer

The Cancer after December 4th may change into a super-sufficient king, and the Cancer is very busy during this time. It may need to be accompanied by leadership in this time, and the class will also communicate with friends. In short, it is a social relationship. talent. This period of time is painful and happy for Cancer. Sometimes you have to say that some scenes are discouraged, or you have never thought about it before, but every payment will bring you the corresponding Harvest. However, you must pay attention to take care of your body and the stomach, your body will not yell.

In front of the 10th, single Cancer can show more charm, which can add a lot of peach. Although sometimes you need to get up early, you can get a makeup, or your boys carefully scrape, you can greatly improve your own value! Can also bring full of vitality for your new day! Love in love, the crabs are managed, take the feelings seriously, and the other party can feel. But it is necessary to be alert to some cases of painting, and it will be inversely effectively, and it is recommended to use it. The energy is also used on the blade. By the way, the Cancer will be reminded that he is a positioning in the other half of the heart. You are a boyfriend / girlfriend, don't do what Dad / Mom wants to do.

There is a good development object after the 18th, which will be a Cancer like, and all aspects of temper character are taken. Do not have a small and cheap psychology, don't think about it, otherwise it will be easy to be stared by the liar, but it is easy to get lost.

After the 22nd, the Cancer should pay attention to keep your own money, especially some valuable electronic products, precious jewelry, etc., avoid being thieved. One thing to be reminded is that the Cancer should pay attention to his own gastrointestinal health. Ten Cancer nine half of the stomach is not very good. Because you do not pay attention to the problem of dining on time, this is also a disadvantage. When you are hungry, you don't always eat greasy things. After 26, the work of the Cancer will have the progress visible to the naked eye, and the people around you can look at you. This is through the achievements, you know how to slam your own position and have targeted improvement capabilities. You can enjoy your own time in life, you can take this opportunity to value your own value, or you can easily chase.

December Cancer Summary: Actively is the main melody of life, don't think about others, others are very busy.


Before and after the 5th, the lion was easier to slack off in the first few days of the month. Student party lion is still quite impetuous, it is not very focused on learning, leading to the efficiency of learning is not high, this time you can contact students in the class, see what they usually do, to adjust your own , Do the best efforts to fight their own sleep.

Before and after the 11th, the lion will plan to raise pets, which is the main melody of this period. It must be a very happy and very cure, but you must purchase pets through regular channels! At the same time, please remember cleaning your home. There is a lion of a fixed partner, this time you need to accept the other half of the imperfections, there will be too high expectations in the process of changing the other half, and it is often expected that the greater the disappointment, the bigger it is, try to understand the other half. It is usually in the heart.

After the 16th, the lion had more unsatisfactory work, and I feel that it is not a constant action mode, and the way of thinking, the plan arrangement feels that it is very boring, compared to the current status, maybe you are more afraid. In the face of unknown changes, it will be a state in which it is in place. In this case, then try to change from other aspects, like it is changed to change his hairstyle and dressing style, traveling ways to make a habit, to make your own life, some happiness, these are also a break Routine action.

Before and after the 22nd, the lion during this period is relatively prone to neurasthes, so avoid watching the stimulating movies or TV series, and it is easy to leave a psychological impact, which may affect the quality of sleep in the evening, causing insomnia. It is also this period, the lion's fortune will be very good, the wage and dividend that the work brought by the work will be more expected, and there will be some expensive rewards, you can buy something like it. !

After the 28th, the lion can selectively participate in the gatherings and entertainment after get off work, but not so much, not so much feelings, it is better to take care of your emotions and body, give yourself. Take a look at the book is very good.

December lion summary: a kind of own flowers, love your own universe. Happy seeds must be the warm and firm heart below.

06 spent

After December 5th, the virgin felt that his work was not much like, and he would have a feeling of separation. This period is very easy to have some small conflicts in the other half. I feel so hard, but I can't very much. I understand you, take care of you. Hugging our virgin, work is really hard, and it is also a must-have of cultivation, and you must understand that you can only help and take care of yourself.

Before and after the 11th, I would like to go to the house at this time, I don't want to homes at home. Some people may have a good friend to introduce you to the object, but I must learn to see the atmosphere, and talk about the relationship. Some virginals will be easier to generate misunderstandings in relation to friends, or have contradictions and conflicts. At this time, you need to put down your obsession. Most may be your starting point is good, but the result will be It is easy to be misunderstood, and your approach is understood in a bad direction.

Affiliated relationship between the 16th may be blamed by the other half because of too many unnecessary things, and two people may have more conflicts and suggest that low-profile acts. The people in the workplace, the surrounding interpersonal relationships will be slightly complicated, and it is recommended that I don't have a non-tongue. Otherwise, I will give yourself trouble. Life or a temptation to shake factors, it is recommended to maintain rational hits and judgments.

Before and after the 23rd, the virgin seems to be a little laminar. It is easy to stay up all night and even the next night. It is recommended that I don't want to find an excuse for myself. It will be very disadvantageous to health. It is recommended that there will be a lot of relaxation this time, release your attention. Sports or yoga, meditation, doing a little porridge that is good for yourself, it is very important. At this time, it is the most important thing, and others are relying on.

Virgo, although there is always a small number of strange strange things in December, but the color cloud is still more good, salary and dividends, bonuses will be much more than usual, so there will be no too much pressure in economy, but still want I remember that I will get out, don't spend it at once, there will be a penny that it is difficult to fall in the hero. December Virgin: We can live into our own, live a lot, more real. Anyway, someone will like you. Of course, some people don't like you, but at least you will prefer yourself.

07 Libra

On the 2nd day, it is busy in the Libra, and of course it will bring a lot of benefits to yourself, such as making money. It reuses sun protection outdoors, even in winter, sunlight can take people black. Libra in love must learn to respect the lovers, the other party is lose weight, don't always say TA fat; don't say that she looks very strange, in short, don't take care of it.

Before and after the 12th, Libra was easier to miss the past friends or lovers, and the relatives that had passed away were more than a little lost. However, things worthy of comfort are, such as the business, there will be some Libra to receive a big list, or talk about a long time, the project has responded, and the promotion is also more hope. In addition, some of the status of some Libra is generally, it is recommended to pay more attention to market dynamics, and it is necessary to do a good risk assessment when investing in financial projects, and try to divide investment.

Before and after the 13th, the Libra with fixed partners will be due to the difference in life. There are some column disputes in both sides. There is no good discussion result. If you come back to return, you may argue, you can't say some points, and change it. It is very difficult, and even a longer period of cold war. This time I have to appear again from the head. During this period, it is necessary to pay attention to the Libra that is in the office, and the wrist is moderately relaxed, which can be alleviated by stretching or massage.

Before and after the 22nd, the single Libra would really want to be with your predecessor, but the predecessor's attitude seems to be not very clear, you can feel that two people have a topic, but they can feel that the other party is intentionally caught. you. Therefore, Libra is more tired in this period. It is recommended not to be touched by cheap, not to touch yourself, put a limited experience in unlimited core business, if the other party is still the dead look, how far is it far, can remember, general Wo the road, not chasing the small rabbit.

Around the 29th, this period of Libra is easy to receive work, the influence of family trivial matters, the outbreak of emotions or some dissatisfaction, adjust the mentality, do not give yourself pressure. When the festival is so strong, when the loneliness is lonely, I will go out with your most favorite people ~ Work level, Libra should pay attention to the leadership of the leadership, timely complete the task of the assigned, so as to avoid you The work ability is questioned. At the same time, when we discuss some questions, we must work and ask the other party when discussing some problems. This is more good to work better. On the issue of health, you need to pay attention to the parenteral problems, followed by the symptoms of lethargy, you have to exercise properly, keep sucking sleep, which is more helpful to your health.

December Tianbi Summary: The efforts you have made are not necessarily returned, but you can make you more fortunate.

08 Scorpio

At the beginning of the month, Tianzhu wanted to seize the small tail of this year, and it would be more serious to treat, but I would like to keep the "desire speed will not reach", you need to complete a thing, and then open a new plan. The task cannot be greedy. The scorpion of this period can also get the care of God, it is easy to win the good luck of the sky, and the income of Zhengcai and the wealth will have a rising, moderate consumption is not pressure.蹭 天 天, touch it ~

Before and after the 5th, there is more plan to have a single place whether it is single or a fixed partner. Specific performance, single Scorpio considers a lot of conjunction, the choice of ideas is more realistic, when the blind date can also clear their own needs and the other party, clear, can complete the blind date, the scorpio and the other half of love It is often necessary to have a problem of cushioning of the fireproof salt, which is easy to quarrel. The two sides also understood that there is something unrealistic to drink and drink in both parties, so it will be more effort to make money, do not want to make money into the hindrance.

After the 11th, the Scorpio and the previously lost good friends, it would be a bit nothing to say, but soon, it will be able to build a topic. You will feel that the other party is a warm and trustworthy person, which is very pleasant. And during this period, the fortune of Scorpio is also unable to get a performance or bonus, want to be used for medical beauty or give back to the family. This paragraph can be said to be the highlight of Scorpio.

During this time, Scorpio compares things about money investment, not suitable for big investment, don't have too much trust to sell to you recommended projects, what kind of project is more suitable for what kind of project is more suitable , So as not to break the trouble and dispute to the property. After the 25th, it was close to the end of the year. The scorpion in this period can still set it out, affected by the festive atmosphere, Scorpio and the other half put the troubles, do some happy things or help the feelings. The work atmosphere in the office will also be harmonious, so if there is a work plan, this period can be completed more efficiently. During this time at the end of the month, I still remind you to pay attention to the health of the body. Scorpio may have a traffic accident or sprain, the situation of the feet, nor to rule out the scratch by sharp, and everything is careful. Second, Scorpio controls your temper, it is easy to get angry.

December Tianzi Summary: With the best expectations, strive to do the worst plan, the heat reached after slow heat seems to be longer.

09 shooter

At the beginning of the month, it is a positive, optimistic, which is full of hope or satisfactory start. The status of the shooter will be better, and those who want to try or want to do will not be influenced by others, so the overall concentration can be smashed. Moreover, things involving learning progress, document applications, etc., the shooters will be prepared in advance, treat them with heart, will have a more satisfactory result. If you are afraid of your own words, you can let your friends or classmates remind you. If you spend money, it will be a state in which you don't want to ask, but you have to save money is a bit difficult, and you will be more thin.

After the 5th, this period will be more emotional fluctuations for a while, especially those involved in feelings, you will mess up your mappie. If you don't know how to solve it, let's put it first. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to too many messages, avoid unnecessary quarrels between students and their families. A fixed partner's shooting will be blamed by the other half. In fact, the shooter has not reduced love to the other side, but in short, the appointment is not good.

After the 10th, the shooter's work will have a big breakthrough and progress, it is easily valid to be valued, and the next year may have more attention and cultivation. At the same time, during this period, the shooter should also pay attention to his physical condition. There is nothing wrong with the big problem, but pay attention to the state of diet and sleep, the tail bone and lumbar spine will also appear uncomfortable. At the same time, some people will also have old-fashioned, infected, allergies, and problems with uncomfortable noses.

Before and after the 22nd, the momentum of the shooters fell, and the beginning of the feeling was smooth, and it will encounter resistance after the back. Don't be forgotten. Many problems and trivia will be piled up, let you smoke, busy, horses don't stop. There is no time in life, basically spend the busy. It is also recommended that shooters don't excessively add your mobile phone network. It will bring cervical vertebrass to play for a long time.

At the end of the month, some shooters will have impulsive consumption, pay attention to planning the cost of money, avoid excessive consumption. In any case, this year's shooters have spent all peace and peace, take care of the small tail of December, and open a better state.

December shooter summary: shooters will get happiness and strength from like, I believe you will not spend all the strength to happiness and like.

10 Capricorn

At the beginning of the month, Capricorn's overall fortune was stable, and it would be busy and leisure balance, and there will be its own time, it is very suitable for reflection and summary. Perhaps occasionally, some good ideas, but it is recommended not to change your idea, and you need to steadily and slowly come. Life is more enthusiastic to make your long experience, you can read the book or documentary.

No. 9. Capricorn felt surrounded by sleepy and tired, so many Capricorn, who could have a unstable, and the spirit was more night, and the spirit was not enough, so the job needs more concentrations not wrong. If the body is tired and time sleep, you will improve it through a reasonable diet. Capricorn during weight loss will be more difficult to resist high calories and sweet things, then try to bake fruit, 嘻嘻.

Around the 16th, Capricorn, I would like to remember that "the speed is not reached", you need to complete one thing, and then open a new plan mission, can't be greedy. Will spend money for family, children, or people who have sentiment, business entertainment, is not less, or may spend money for health, buy some healthy food materials and disease drugs. In the mid-moon, single and secret love objects, can be smooth, as long as they are not dead, they do not conference cause each other's dislike. Capricorn can solve problems with lovers in love, and feel stable.

On the 22nd, some Capricorn can get a care of God, it is easy to win the good luck of the sky, and the income of the righteousness and the wealth is a rising, moderate consumption is not pressure. But still have to be reminded, don't transition to pursue luxury goods, so as not to bring more economic pressure to yourself. Health, often use computer mouse or friends who play mobile phones, need to relax their wrist mode, can be eased by stretching or massage. Sedentary or a friend who stands is more likely to be edema, and the special type of Capricorn should be careful to radiate to himself.

December Capricorn Summary: Every healthy tree is alone in the sky. I know that you are being worried about some things, suffering from unmanned companions, but life will be lonely by your own strength. 11 Aquarius

In December, in general, there is a slightly low in the water bottle. Because there is a low usual time, it is not very good for life and work, so the chance to make mistakes is relatively low, perhaps because of processing They are all familiar with the problem. Basically, it is dominated by team actions, so you just act as a power. Conference on life is a single, you can consider going to some outdoor activities.

On the 10th, whether it is a career, feelings and life, the water bottle in December will receive new content from other places, and there may be some different feelings and comprehension. Some water bottles are lacking confidence in themselves, and it is easy to show the waves, especially in action methods, always more willing to believe others. Some water bottles will be easier to tangle between the currently likes and the former, almost every day, there is no way to tell you what is the best choice, there is no result of the one will always stay in your heart, so Hold your own heart and feel away.

The economic pressure of the water bottle before and after the 18th will become large, and there will be a situation in which the book is paid, the property fee is, and this is undoubtedly a snow in the water bottle. Therefore, avoid having a variety of people, not Walking faces, it will bring greater pressure to yourself. It is easy to have emotionally, avoiding a negative energy, it is recommended to take the initiative to play a play, or a funny shop. It is recommended that the water bottle wear a sea blue dress can increase the fortune, UP UP ~

After the 25th, the water bottle will feel that everything is a full spiritual state, and the emotions are also more active, but it is still necessary to pay more attention to the sudden situation encountered, it is possible that someone in the work department will be dragged behind the legs, experience personnel mobilization, Or disagreement between the team's internal views, it is recommended not to sing alone at this time, not to help the gang, choose the border team, because it is difficult to judge what is good or cheat. Health, the digestive ability is not good, it is recommended that the water bottles will change the habit of eating the night, otherwise it will bring pressure to the weight, and the diet should be moderate.

December water bottle summary: The water bottle is very optimistic in this month, although there will be some unsettled little wind wave, but it is very good in the water bottle, so it can always find the beauty in life, will also get the fortune Give gifts, the water bottle with a partner can be very pleasant to the other side, always smart, so that the other party is more determined to be together with the water bottle.

12 Pisces

In the beginning of the month, in the early days of December, I was more aggressive in the beginning of December. It may be more aggressive. It is very active and good thing, but it is necessary to make a way of ways, do not give others uncomfortable situation. And remind our little floppy, want to have good results or work performance, must improve the efficiency of work, not the time to waste time. Some of the flue fish will experience some emotions and fluctuations. In this time, you may be subject to the superiors or give yourself some pressure. However, most of the squid is still very ideal and ideas, and is willing to contact new skills and knowledge more.

After the 9th, the ball's flourish is optimistic about their wallet during this period. Although it is the beginning of the month, it is also stretched. The flour fish in this period has a lot of gatherings. It is also a lot of things that want to buy. In front of relatives and friends, the necessary human spending, it is difficult to contain shopping desires, can be hollowed out of the pair of wallets, think about what to do at the end of the month. . The money of the flower is to spend, and the province's money must also save it, otherwise the economic pressure this month is very large.

It is recommended that the trade will borrow money to give others. Since there is a fixed partner, what you want to know will gradually increase with contact.

Before and after the 15th, there were a lot of trivial things to be busy, but they didn't have a sense of accomplishment, so they would be easy to deep. In terms of fortune, some female pillars will pursue big names in shopping, leading to the total plan budget when actually selected, and spending generous will make the hand more constraint. It also reminds us of the flour, if the digestive ability is not good, it is recommended to quit the habit of eating the night, otherwise it will bring pressure to the weight, and the diet should be moderate. Use a little apricot small jewelry to light yourself, change your fortune.

On the 20th, it is more than a variable. Single pillar may experience a thing that is unfamiliar with the pursuit of pursuit and predecessor. In this case, be sure to fight the battle, can't bear to swallow. At the end of this month, the flourish has some physical and mentally exhausted, it is recommended to relax, relax, reduce some life or the pressure on work, will be more healthy. It is recommended not to overset the mobile phone network, and it will bring cervical problems for a long time to play mobile phones.

December, the flourish summary: Everything is unknown, everything is impossible to try it, as long as you treat life with your heart, you will definitely be a high-gloss of the flourish.