Funny GIF segment: Some things, really destined

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Funny GIF segment: Some things, really destined

2021-12-04 18:04:04 144 ℃

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1. My husband is sleeping in the evening, I can say that our bedroom is almost urinated. It's almost five, sometimes dreaming, walking through the house, I don't know what to find! When you go out, you will not be closed, you will not be closed! Every day, you will say a dream ......... I said with him, he didn't know anything, speechless.

2, just, the mobile phone is dead after I have finished buying things, so I will continue to listen to the song. After finding your own car, I can't open the anti-theft lock. It is working hard, and suddenly feels it. I quickly turned back, I saw the thief quickly returned the mobile phone. I still said: "Brother, I am sorry, disturbing you."

3, three social brothers chat, one said: "I am in the past, the bull is forced, one pair five!". The second said: "You are not as good as me, I am a pair." The third saying: "You can't do it, I am blown!" They said to play poker.

4, some things, really destined! When I was a birthday year, there was a girl in the same year, and two girls in the same year. The girl got the calculator, and the villagers said that they grew up, they were definitely a financial management. Everyone is curious, I will catch anything, I am tightly grabbing the girl's hand. After more than 20 years, the girl of the year, took away my salary card, tested my family's spending, only give me a hundred packed money every month.

5, my wife buckled my pocket money. A few months ago, she agreed to give me 800 yuan a month. Therefore, she wants to add clothes in this month, and waved her will deduct 300 yuan from me. I asked her: Have you considered my feelings, this money is still deducted? She said: "I have already considered it. I am afraid you don't adapt to a month of uncertain deduction, so I have to deduct every month." I don't even know how to refute.