Joke: I have gone home, I haven't taken 10 meters yet, a sister stopped to carpool.

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Joke: I have gone home, I haven't taken 10 meters yet, a sister stopped to carpool.

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At the end of the final exam, a boy came in and said to the two invigilation teachers, uncle, today is your monitoring? The two teachers laughed to him. After the exam, no matter whether this classmate is a small copy, or peek, the two people who are stealing, and after the exam, a teacher said to another, your nephew is very naughty, the other is shocked, not Let me think it is your nephew .....


In the office, a big mother asked a new little girl: "Do you have a boyfriend?" The little girl is ashamed: "Aunt! I have been single!" Aunt said: "Is that you want to do my daughter-in-law?样! "The little girl said more shy:" I haven't been beautiful! "The aunt hurriedly said:" Nothing is nothing! My son is not too eye! "Little girl ...


Mom let me go to the kindergarten to pick up a small niece, and I encounter high school students on the road. He is surprised: I don't see you in a few years. I don't know that you are so big. When you get married, you will not inform everyone, the little priest is white. My classmate: Uncle, you went out to bring glasses, do you think I am a grandfather? ? I……


Xiao Li played a piano for friends.

Xiao Li: How is I boss?

Friends: You should play on TV.

Xiao Li: Is there so ok?

Friends: If you are in the TV, I can turn it off immediately.


Yesterday, a bad debt called me, I told her after picking: You are wrong, I am not the person you are looking for. She persisted very much, from noon, I have to shut down at night. This morning, the phone came again: Sorry, I am wrong, you are not what I am looking for! Me: What is the use of apologies now, yesterday because of shutdown, kneeling a night!


Playing a taxi on the roadside, I haven't opened 10 meters yet, a sister stopped to carpool, and it is actually going to the same place after saying the address.

I took the deputy driving, the girl sat behind. She suddenly patted my shoulders and said: Handsome guy, wait for us to know, this is only given a car, and we have a car fee, how?

I am a boring: It's really good! Such a powerful way is to get.

But the sister, you said such a big flat, you are a driver, or when he is stupid?