▷ Secretably like a girl in the class, you want to create an unique opportunity (hilarious Vol.1848)

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▷ Secretably like a girl in the class, you want to create an unique opportunity (hilarious Vol.1848)

2021-12-05 00:02:14 27 ℃

The same thing is quite big, and the old is in the office. I can't bear it: So smoking, I will marry and get married, I am not afraid of your child is unhealthy? !

Colleagues looked outside the window, saying: smog is so serious. If he can't even accept the second-hand smoke, how can he accept this world!

I go. . .

Today, I saw a lot of small sparrows flying to the yard, then I didn't think about it on the ground, and I saw a group of sparrows felt very love. . .

As a result, when I took my clothes, I found a pile of birds on the clothes. . . Made, the old lady is going to bake them!

One brother, sister, sister asked: "I have no girlfriend is beautiful, how did you look at me?"

Buddy: "... Hey, every day will eat incense, but also want to eat back sodified tofu to change the taste."

Sister. . .

Secretably like a girl in the class, I want to create a single chance, I secretly put her bicycle, waiting for her to pick up the car.

I came out: "Your car is not angry, I will carry you!"

She: I just saw you tied upstairs. . .

I. . .

Recently, just learn to cook, just have a friend, not let me show. I was more nervous for the first time. I will try it too much for a while. I will try it will be too salty, and I have tasted it. . .

I shouted my husband: "You go out, I will not go ..."

Just changed a new number, call the wife: "Dear, where are you?"

Wife: "Who?"

Me: "Dear, I have seen it in the evening a few days ago. How can I not remember me so soon?"

Wife: "Which night is it?"

I. . .

Ask your wife about the wife at night?

Wife said: It is already a good person!

I: Who dares to give my wife, is it greasy?

She: Da Yi Mom!

After the mask, I asked her husband: "Look at my face is not tender and slide?"

Husband touched my face, reached out and touched his ass, "Well, it is almost as smooth!"

Your sister, there is a kind of danger, see if I don't shoot you! ! !

I went to eat with my wife, she had little every time, I said: "Baby eats."

She said: "I am afraid to eat fat, you don't love me."

I said: "Fool, you eat fat, you will take a point in my heart! I will love you more."

Now I think of it, I feel that it is too hot! ! !

After dinner, my wife lie on the sofa, I passed: "My husband helped me get up to the bathroom, I am afraid that it is ..."

My husband came over and put my wife: Be careful, wife, are you really? Very good!

Wife didn't say anything, in my husband, walk into the bathroom ...

Husband has also hurriedly supported: Wife, do you say that it is true?

Wife: Really, it's not yours!

Husband: What? Nima, who?

Wife: I am with a meal, just pulled it, do you want to see it!