I buddha blood, said, "Take it!" (笑 Vol.1850)

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I buddha blood, said, "Take it!" (笑 Vol.1850)

2021-12-05 00:02:01 25 ℃

Today, I will post the mobile phone film asking Master: "How much?"

"10 pieces."

"It's cheaper."

Master: "Membrane, 10, free film."

I listened to this silently took out a film from the pocket. . .

Today, I will go shopping with my colleagues, and I have a blood donation car on the side of the road.

The medical staff asked how much, one brother said 200cc, I said 400cc. . .

Then, looked at the last buddy, smashed the sleeves, showing the white arm, smashed us in a despot, said: "Take it!"

When a new marriage girl was playing with us yesterday, his mobile phone rang at 11 o'clock in noon, he let us swear, then he passed his wife's gentle voice: "Dear husband, you still go home at noon. ?"

In our eyes, the buddies also watched the same day: "Dear wife, I will return home at noon."

"Then, you don't hurry back to cook, will be small three children outside?" His wife screamed in the phone. . .

The style is too TM, just like a tornado. . .

Colleagues confessed to me: "This month was deducted a month of bonus; the car hit the guardrail; the wallet was lost; so far, there is no girlfriend ... I can't do anything, it is nothing."

I quickly comfort him: "How can you be a place? You are a man!"

Go to the string, I have finished buying a single boss saying that 104 yuan will give 100, someone says that 98 can't work?

The boss said.

Then he took out 100 yuan! ! ! Say you don't have to find, two dollars are tip. . .

I express it in this B. . .

After marriage, Xiaomei is extremely wary: "Dry, rest assured, I will have to get along with your son in the future."

Dry said: "Every time, how can I still call it?"

Xiao Meng quickly changed: "Don't worry, my husband, I will get along with my son in the future ..."

A bottle of cosmetics in the wife, thousands of pieces, I hesitate to buy it again. After a while, I was twisted and I saw me for a long time. I bite my teeth: "Forget it, don't buy it, you are not equipped with too beautiful daughter-in-law!"

My husband played with her mobile phone. I told him: You play mobile phones all day, I haven't speaking with me for a long time.

My husband got me and slowly: Not as good as I play with you?

Me: Ok! OK!

Husband: Let's play with anyone who is ignorant. Who will talk first.

I. . . I want to kill him! ! !

Yesterday, my wife had a stupid thing, I caught the opportunity to train, and finally he didn't have a brain.

She slowly said: I didn't have a brain, but I found a husband with a brain. You have a brain, but I have found a wife who has no brain. You say anyone who has no brain! ?

I. . . I can't win this. . .

I went to the farm with my wife to eat, I put a dog in the yard, and I was lazy to close my eyes.

I bordered my wife, suddenly Zhang Dou had a few times, and the dog opened his eyes and disdain her, and continued to sleep.

This breaks the dog, it's also face, I pulled my wife, facing it "~ 汪汪"

The dog got, climbed directly from the ground, earned the chain, while it was arrogant!

My wife pulled me and ran, and I rushed to my laugh and said: "You are really, you can't say good words, what you do!"

I. . .

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