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Hack smile, smiling, smiling, smiling, classic education funny joke

2021-12-05 00:02:13 25 ℃

1. Hacks rice, smile, smile, no money at the end, I want to eat, I will send a message, so I ask: "Have you eaten?" She returned: "How do I say it?" Let's come to my house, I said, you want to invite me to eat? "I saw the information back:" Then you should pay back a message? So friends return: "Hey. . . Today, my family is not much, just a half full. . . "

2. Search every day, smile, look at more jokes, I will go to the mathematics lesson when I am a child, and I will learn to play poker in the drawer, the teacher question; 10 odd numbers within 10 he stood up at the same table. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Teacher asked again. The number of even within 10; this goods got up and said; 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. When the teacher took the poker from his drawer, he smiled.

3. The classic education funny jokes, my mother often educates me: "You, you! I am too lazy to marry you! I want to marry you, I am sorry for me to learn so many years!" My mother is an education. , Has a cultivation, graduated from Heilongjiang Wushu Institute.

4. Tell the station with the votes and ticket sellers to tear, and the ticket seller: "See how you are so beautiful, there is no quality!" The girl who buys tickets: "Then you can have a long ugly Are you soring about it? "

5. Have a big aunt, let me buy a sanitary napkin, this thing is the first time, I always feel weak, after coming to the supermarket, I will go to the sanitary napkin area, really feel like doing thieves. I ran in something, and then the salesperson came down, handsome guy, you have a wrong, it is a baby diaper.

6. The nephew told me that he has recently learned the violin to earn three hundred dollars. How do I ask him how to earn, do you make a performance? . He said that his mother gave him a hundred in order to let him learn. I said that another two hundred? He said that after a month, the mother gave him two hundred in order to let him learn.

7. There is a second child in the next door, and his son envy and hate. Speaking of my mother: Mom, I want your brother sister. Mom said: Mom is old, can't be regenerated. The son took a sentence: that simple, Dad married a young mother ... Now hurt ...

8. I said that he can see what I lack through the nail, I will give him the nail to him. He embracted my thumb and other nails coated orange. The other hand is full of red, then he asked me what I saw it is missing? I said, "I didn't see it." He: "You