The 10th anniversary of marriage should send a wife for the gift | 10 big things

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The 10th anniversary of marriage should send a wife for the gift | 10 big things

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I can't sleep with my wife, lying on the sofa watching TV. I said softly to my wife: "Daughter-in-law, I will give you a year of marriage, what is it good?" The wife is a small face, and said: "We are old and old, you like it. I like anything. "I said:" Dear, then I will send you back home! I will pick you back in a few days. "


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Mom advised me to quit smoking with my father, Dad said to me: "The daughter-in-law did not fall, love is not self-ban!" I watered to my mom: "The wife is not falling, I can't help it!" Mom turned it out. The chicken duster came out: "I also have some feelings."


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Going home from get off work, hungry is hungry. I saw a large bowl of bubble surface on the table, and there was a ham bowel, and I ate a bowl of dry chopsticks. At this time, the wife came out of bedroom and asked me: "Is it full?" I made a full of nodded, and then looked at her out of the kitchen. The red burn ribs, the hot chicken, stewed fish ... beautifully Rice ate.


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At the game season, playing in the Internet cafes before going out of the Internet cafes, I went out of the street and prepared to go home because I was a pants of the rope. I think the trousers are very loose. I will crack it in that reth, the result is a dead knot. I will walk around, and I will come to a big sister opposite. . . . I will run when I see it. . . . . . I. . . . I am a yellow flower. . . . I am me me. . . . you you you. . . .

糗糗 神 评: Received whether it is a gambling ingredient


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I remember that the abroad of abroad, my colleague went to the supermarket to buy a pile of sausages. I also want to buy, but if the language is unable to ask him how to distinguish these intestines. He said that the packaging is printed with the pig's intestines. It is the chicken intestines, the chicken, BLABLABLA ... Then I bought a bunch, I'm going to have a stomach. After ..., I know later, it is not a dog meat, but gives the dog!


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I got up this morning, my wife changed clothes to work, I found that her legs were so long. Asked how she did such a long leg like me, she said that when I was young, I used my father's razor to shave a few times, the longer it. Is the same as my beard! It is painful!

糗 糗 神 评: Your wife is root oyster medicine


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Field first aid kitty: If you accidentally break the legs outside, play 120 is definitely the first, but when you wait for the rescue, you can find some wild grass, which is the most popular nearby, with stone fine The mill is crushed, then slowly applied to the swollen injury. It turns out that this is very good to send a time to wait for ambulance.

糗 糗 神 神: Listen to the monarch, such as listening to a doctor


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When I was a child, I was in the third grade, and the time of the class, I played a happiness. They play more people. However, I am hiding behind the classroom door, I took a broken mop stick, who I know this time the class teacher's probe came in, and I heard a stick, I heard a sound, oh, lying in the trough, the whole classroom is quiet.


* Fill blank questions:

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Good brother: "My wife is surnamed Chen, I am also Chen, my wife is pregnant, what is the name of the child?"

You think about it, answer: ________

糗 糗 神 评: Chen Tie

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糗 糗 神 评: Drive to drive hula hoop

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