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Haha smiles good

2021-12-05 06:03:29 28 ℃

1, Shanglian: I love to go to school, I have given me the strength.

Downlink: I love to work, work make me happy.

Horizontal batch: do not exist!

2, "Wang, you don't worry, I am coming." "Don't do it, Li Zhong you are too seen, I am coming." "Hey! Every time I will come, I am alwaysI am coming! "" Don't don't don't don't, you are coming back in Shanghai. This is in Beijing. You let me go to the landlord, I am coming. "" You special *! There is still someone waiting to get on the car! "

3, opposite is the big three women's bed, and when he looks around, it is a sister of the Tan chest lu milk.shameless!I took the telescope of the roommate to bite his teeth, and I can't calmly for a long time ...

4, the name of the girlfriend is Zhu Jing, and Di took my girlfriend to return to the rural home to enter the door: Mom, Zhu Jing came.Mom heard: Pig came in to drive it out, it is