Funny gif: land mother-in-law, he daresly stead

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Funny gif: land mother-in-law, he daresly stead

2022-01-08 12:02:24 37 ℃

I still want to reveal one hand in front of my sister, and the result is a foot.

I am an eagle, you will try again.

I don't believe you!

Spiderman's sister, domineering side leakage

The weather is hot now into a wonderful.

The double hockey is really the most cute.

1. "If you suspect that he has an affair, all the signs of details will show that he really has an affair, even if you overthrow you, you will doubt his loyalty."

2. "Can you talk to your navel?" "I will give you a big mouth". "

3. As long as you don't come back with all your predecessors, the world will become a beautiful world. "(How do you see?)

4. After reading the Journey to the West, I refused to squat, and my mother said, "the daughter said:" What should I do? "Mom smiled:" The land mother-in-law can do it, he does not dare to see "

5. "Dad, what is the terrorist watch?" Dad: "Yes, I have seen it very horrible." Children: "What is the book?" Dad: "I am married to your mother." Certificate."????

6. The company adds 4 days, and colleagues can't help, the fifth day, but also overtime! When he came, he made a more than 60 kilograms of Brazha, overtime, he was putting the copper like the bronze statue, put down, put it together, let go. It's depressed next to my colleagues, just say: "What do you work overtime?" Colleagues A: "Sleepy, I will refresh!"

7. Colleagues said: "You said that you are not laughing, there is a classmate, usually even call, now he wants to get married, yesterday sent the invitation yesterday, I want me to follow the ceremony, this is not obviously lied? "I persuade him:" The classmates are married to invite you, I want to contact you, don't want to pay money, your classmate is a university or middle school? "Answer Answer:" It is a driving school, we have learned 3 together Truck! "

8. The colleague is outlined, and it is still not waiting for high-speed. The colleagues say a smile: "I don't want to go home tonight. I have to take the opportunity to relax." After that, I will call him my wife: Wife, planning, I can't go tonight, I have to go back in the afternoon. When the voice just, the quiet carriage sounded navigation sound: You have entered Hefei, and 3 km in front of you have entered Hefei. The air is solidified in the car. After five seconds, the colleagues said loudly: what broke navigation, I want to give my wife a surprise!