Funny gif: At the door, the sorrow is not enough for you to eat.

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Funny gif: At the door, the sorrow is not enough for you to eat.

2022-01-09 06:02:13 47 ℃

The uncle is still the uncle, the big mother is not the big mother!

I am running, let this thing seize the hair!

Ask a dog's psychological shadow area?

Is this necessary?

Experience this feeling

Will you step on your sister?

1. The grandson yells at the door, yelling, mad at me! Grandma asked: What is it? Sun Zi: My dish is already awkward! Grandma: That hurriedly alarm! Sun Zi: What is the use of alarm, I have to buy some dog food, let my Scottish Shepherd bite him! !

2, the water heater just bought at home, after installation, the installation worker said to my mother to use the method and precautions. At this time, my dad said: She didn't wash the dishes, or told me!

3, go back to the hometown, accompany the little niece to play every day. I went to her bedroom at night to find her, I didn't expect to put the door.

I knocked on the door, "Baby, open the door, uncle has not said good night with you ...". . The inside is ignorant: "Xiaofei, the door is in the door, the sorrow is not enough for you to eat ..."

4, I bought a tilt, I prepared a soup, Wang Haoqi went to see, smell, use the claws to pull, and the tilt is bitten, and the pain is screaming until the turtle is placed in the pot. Finally, give it a bowl of fish soup, this goods are not enough to shut up. .

5, ask your husband to like male treasure or like women's treasure, he said, I said that the baby is good, because her daughter is a lover in my life. Then, my husband came, then I have to hurry to find a lover in my life, otherwise there is no daughter in my next life! At this point, someone is reviewing in the corner.

6. From the passenger station, an old woman on the road hurried up, quietly said to me: Handsome guy, do you have to rest? I glance: don't need it. The old mother still doesn't give up: Let's play, the little sister is very beautiful. I suddenly was annoyed by her, and I said that I know who I am? Old Mother is shocked: Who? I am rhetorical: I am a police mom, I am not afraid of big joy: ah, how do you not say, the Secretary is coming, give you 20% off! I suddenly ...