Happy smile: the wife blew the peanuts and flew the darkness and dried and gave me as a coffee.

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Happy smile: the wife blew the peanuts and flew the darkness and dried and gave me as a coffee.

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The schoolmates forgot to start the password, worried.

I love to learn, I have long known, how is the box password lock, so I open it for him.

Roommare thanks, praise me.

The next day, my roommate hanged a lock in the box.


Somewhere, 21-year-old college students are all overnight and his girlfriend, his girlfriend is stolen.

Helping his girlfriend phone, Xiao Li at the Internet cafes part-time network, waiting for 13 all night, Xiao Li finally waited for the thief and grabbed it.

My girlfriend is very touched, but she has to advance the iPhoneX.


In the early years, I quarreled with his girlfriend, I am waiting for her to her village, she keeps silence, then the door guards said: Girl, do you know?

Your boyfriend will wait for a few last night, I told him to go upstairs, he said, I have to wait here, no noisy and she sleep, she didn't have a rest recently.

My girlfriend said that it is red, you are a fool, you are not cold, then forgive me.

In fact, I played a game last night, and then gave the door to the uncle, called the uncle.


Remember, in the summer, four girls have gathered last night, drink white wine (I drink badly Meng drink), return home, my family lives in the fourth floor, the door comes in, I climbed the stairs to the third floor, half of the fragment, wake up two The clock of o is on the afternoon, open the door, my sister said, have you woke up?

I said, why don't you shake me?

Her mother said that she went to buy breakfast in the early morning, you cross the past ...


A freshman nephew summer work, helping his sixth grade cousin immediately supplement class, while living, this is the first job.

Auntie who knew ten days, let him dismiss it, it is said that these two children gather together every day, blow air-conditioning and drink cold drinks and eat various snacks, and finally his cousin is the king of the king.


Today, two goods are born, when the phone is ringing, so ...

The fried splendid in the darkness, this is just a prelude ...

Cargo and detergent wash oil sauce peanuts, dry, dry grinding grinding, when drinking coffee, I didn't drink ...

Until her smiled, just tell me ...