Funny gif dynamic map: Playing the window starts your two paragraphs!

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Funny gif dynamic map: Playing the window starts your two paragraphs!

2022-01-10 18:02:00 42 ℃

Let go of the girl, she is foy to be smoked by your big mouth ...

I finally not sad and sad!

The entrance is soft, the first line of throat, is not too ice of ice!

Let's start your trip!

Grandpa will play, I want to be crazy!

Brother I estimate that the grave is growing?

The little sister is long! I am exhausted every day!

Selected connotation segment

1. Last night, I asked in rent: Master, your car is too pit, although the taxi fee is raised, you can't ran more than ten minutes, 103.9 yuan, you are not forced to call me. Do you have alarm? ! Driver: Silly, okay, it is a radio, the following is the meter.

2. Today, the wife returned to the family to say that she had to live a day, my wife just left me at home, I quickly rushed to the wardrobe and turned out my only set of clothes on the desk. I was prepared, I have touch. The habit of pockets just changed the clothes and touched a note on the top of the wife. : Where is it going to do so official? . Wife, adult, hinder ~~

3. Give your sister, I met the old mother's old man, I didn't give money, I lied in the car. One person gave it five people less thanked, hard is in front of the car, to welcome the pro A young man is in a hurry, and the rope on dozens of boxes is hard to tie them on the guardrail next to the road. . .

4. The brother came back from Guangxi yesterday, with a child, the little guy cried. The brother said that in the train, the summer homework is all in the school bag, and the homework has been done ... I said, crying! Buy no one will do it. Children cry more ...

5. I have just encountered a female friend next door, and my friend asked me: Have you seen Journey to the West? I said: "I have seen" and then I knocked three times in my head! I went home for a long time, why did she knock my head? I didn't provoke her, depressed!

6. After get off work, the boss is gloomy: Some people report you to play mobile phone, you can know? I will not be angry, I am very angry: lying in the trough! Who is reported? When you are facial, I have to look at it. Which ofes he saw me played with a mobile phone?! Boss immediately horses and Yan Yue color: no one report, tease you! My mood rests the calm and one bedroom! The things to play mobile phones are swindled out by the boss.