10 little jokes laughing at the stomachache

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10 little jokes laughing at the stomachache

2022-01-11 00:02:24 41 ℃

1. Xiaoming, he sleeps, always steals, sleep in the evening, do not find what problems have been found in the hospital, have not seen a lot of Chinese medicine, it is more serious, and he said that he is interested, I am very interested. He is using what Yiyi drug, I asked how to cure it, he said, "changed the thin quilt."

2, a few days ago, I met the rivers and lake big brother. There are two fish on the left and right feet, it looks very quiet. However, the brother's face looks very strict, feeling that he is like a calm, reason, can quarrel. After that, I finally asked the big brother why I needed this tattoo. Big Brother said: "I was born on March 15, 1985." When I want to listen to my brother, my brother said "I am Pisces".

3, I feel a bit thin recently, but I don't want to exercise, I don't want to lose weight, so I went to the hospital to ask the doctor, there is no way to lose weight without exercise. The doctor said. I immediately asked the doctor what method was. The doctor made me a lot of garlic. I really make sense, I think that garlic is good for the human body. The doctor then said: "Garlic can make others stay away. If you don't see you, you can't see you."

4, I have a friend who has always thought of love but I don't know how it is good to love. So to fortune telling, please count Mr. to hold your fingers, tell him. Two days later, he would be hurt by a woman. After the friend heard it, it was very uncomfortable, but at least a few days had been very good. In less than two days, he was knocked down by the aunt riding an electric car at the corner.

5, a girl is running on the playground because of being late, but the weather suddenly turned, and the rain, the girl could no way, so it was run away from rain. At this time, a man suddenly approached, ran together with a umbrella. That woman took care of this man for a long time, blushing on the spot. Woman said: "Sorry ... I have a man ...". Although I haven't ended yet, the male said: "This umbrella is 10. Can you?"

6, I like girls favorite. I will trust up today. She shyly called me waiting in front of the school. I am very happy. After school, I will wait in front of the school. But when I saw her, I was disappointed. I hate my own weakness and hate his boyfriend with a knife with a big gold chain.

7, when I was young, when I was studying, I went to the black Internet cafe with a few students. That is very refreshing. On the happiness, suddenly, my father came, I grabbed me back. After returning home, my father suddenly said softly. "I sweat, take a shower first." I suddenly feels fine, I am very relieved to wash the clothes. So, my father suddenly kicked the door. "Bunny, there is no clothes now stop." "

8, once, I will play with my friends. There are too many people, I can't sit on a car. So I plan to take a taxi. When breaking up, in order to get failed, you have to accompany them. So after sitting on the bus, I told the master. "Someone followed". I saw the master's eyes suddenly flash, and I started accelerating the throttle. I opened a few streets. Finally, Master said that I said: "Okay! 'Said.

9, rainy days, reading books in the library. My sister suddenly lost umbrella and ran over and said, "I didn't take an umbrella. Can you bring together? "My sister, your family can make money should be not easy, so don't tell the umbrella."

10, I have always thought that I have super power. Like the world's superhero. Some people grow up, some people will fly, some people have special feelings before they encounter dangers. I think I also have. The feet are like raining right away. A friendly friend heard me saying this, smiling faintly.

"Brothers, this is a rheumatism.