Laughing to 15 paragraphs of the waist, funny and classic, happy!

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Laughing to 15 paragraphs of the waist, funny and classic, happy!

2022-01-12 00:02:00 63 ℃

First, a few days ago, I went out to eat, I got a bowl of mutton, I just found a small flies in a bowl, called waiter, and the waiter immediately said: "Congratulations, you are lucky, you are lucky, I am lucky, my shop Again to a bowl award, I will go to you, you will wait! "He took the face bowl, leaving me on the table."

Second, the first time I follow my girlfriend to her family, I am very rich at home. When I went out with my girlfriend, the future mother mother pulled out a snake skin bag from the bedroom, full of things. In the future, his mother said to me: "Leave my daughter, this bag is all yours." I calmly said to her: "Auntie, it is impossible, how much is not to open us." Future mother: " Good, good, good, good children, test you. "Fortunately, I am more diligent, the snake skin bag is the old book of my girlfriend's graduation, or I will help her.

Third, my husband: Study found that the genus of husband and wife decided to get along with two people. Wife: So I am a cow, you are a tiger, should I be afraid of you? Husband: Where, you are a rhinoceros, I am a gecko!

Fourth, the husband took the post of all the mails sent to him. The photo was sent in the space, and there was a friend who replied him said that we showed. I just want to say that in addition to vacation, we will come over the number of people in a year, I want to have a show! My husband can't afford to hurt in the tenth year of the troops!

Five, girlfriends are young when they are young. Going back to the mother, I opened a small sale, and I worked hard to pull the girlfriend. Recently, some people introduce the object to my mom. The man heard that the woman is a small plate of a small soldier, and I will go to see it. . When men come in, girlfriends are taking care of goods. The man is joys and looks at this beautiful girl asks: Are you a boss of this small-selling department? The girlfriend is angry, I'm moving, I'm looking for: I am looking for me, I am a boss ...

Sixth, the big sister of the rules, it is finally married. That prospective woman went to see the future father-in-law, the bride's father looked at the future son-in-law, said: "After getting married, you must ..." The future son-in-law immediately said: "I know, I will take care of you after getting married. Her! "As a result, the bride's father shook his head and said," I mean, after getting married ... you must ... take care of yourself! "

Seven, I just thirsty, I found a office to drink water, but I didn't find the paper cup. I just got anyone in the office, leaned over the mouth of the water driver's faucet. Drink. I am going, who is put the faucet, the blue faucet is boosted!

Eight, a few days ago, his mother's mother-in-law, at night, his wife cook in the kitchen, his mother secretly gave me 500 yuan, said to me: "The girl, my daughter looks tight, give you some spending money, but also private room Money. "I am touched, whispered:" Mom, I have a private house ... "Then the wife came in, said:" Mom, you go back first, I have something to give you a junan-in-law ... "

Nine, words, the baby in our family seems to have no difficulty in sleep, the only explanation that can't sleep is that they don't want to sleep at all, and the little guys who have entered dreams in their own instantly, I want to sleep, it is a minute. Asleep.

Today, today, our supervisor has to take me to accompany her to sign the steel tube ... and then the teacher stared at me for a long time, slowly said: Girl, see your body, you still go to learn belly dance ......... ...

Eleven, husband: Wife is not hungry, I will boil you with a bowl of noodles? Wife: No. Husband: Then I will give you a fruit? Wife: No. Husband: Then I went to wash my clothes to drag the land? Wife: No. Husband: Wife, then do you say that I am dry? Anyway, I am not a matter! Wife: You will be quiet to give me a dawn, I see you still dare to say you in the group, the salary is 30,000, I ask you, what is the 20,000th?

Twelve, even a male colleague, drink alcohol on the roadside small restaurant on the roadside, see the 3-year-old girl is very cute, go to tease her "Little sister, play with you", the little girl looks He said, "Not good, my mother said that the little girl is playing with the little girl", my colleague is not dead, "I am also a woman, you and I play" ... The last little girl answers Really classic, she looked at my male colleague and said, "I don't believe!"

Thirteen, for the first time, I will see the future mother's mother, and my mother will ask me, how much is your car ownership cost? I am going, she is a double carving, asking if I have a car, have any room! So I replied to my wit,, are you asking my room in Beijing or Shanghai?

14. When divorced, behind the best friends, they are ridiculed, they are not worth it, only those a little money! The results were divorced in a partner, not only the net home was also divided into a bunch of debts, but he listened to others behind her ... I don't know that her face is hurt ~

Fifteen, the male teacher height 160, once in class, the teacher worked hard on the blackboard, and then found a female classmate to fill the blank. The female classmate is less than 160, and she is enough to go to the blackboard ... At this time, the teacher said quietly: "I have seen you so much, I will balance ..."