Joke: Make a drink every drink, get married, we will change her and groom's wine into water

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Joke: Make a drink every drink, get married, we will change her and groom's wine into water

2022-01-12 06:05:25 89 ℃


Primary school is going to school, there are many people in the school, I am blocked by the motor train with a woman, the taxi driver behind, according to the speaker, the sister on the electric car, squatting the taxi driver, Master, I Press the speaker for you, you ride my car over. The male driver said that Zhang said that it did not speak, my heart was happy, my sister is so good!


Big Brother took a small scorpion today. The reason is that kindergarten gave the children to heat up heatstroke, and the light yellow penetration is black (the blue roots of the plate), with a strong smell. The teacher is hard to persuade the children are drinking. How can this kid be refused to drink, this car is suddenly called, don't drink, this is urine. Then took a cup into the toilet, and took out a small cup of liquid to raise it: Nothing to lie to you, I just diapers, exactly the same.


The girlfriends are greedy, every drink must be drunk. After she married, we were drunk, and they change her and the groom's wine into water, she went two tables, she muttered: "Even the wine is not letting drink, this wedding is awkward ? "Then grabbed the wine in my hand, I have a drink, and I can't stop it. I can't stop it. In the end, she pointed at the big red word hanging on the front desk:" Which is quilly marriage? Don't let it drink! "


My grandmother is a person who can talk to half a village. I told me when I was a child: my wife must marry a spicy thing (can protect my family not being bullied by outsiders). Start me, I still believe in my grandmother. After she has died for many years, I have been pondering, why have she not told me when she is an old man: It's a spicy wife, how should I resist?


So sleepy, but in the morning, do you want to sleep?

At this time, my shoulder appeared a demonic little person: "Sleep!"

Just as I want to kneel down, there is a villain with an angel appearance: "You don't listen to the devil!"

Said, he knocked out the little man with a cane, and smiled and said to me: "Go back to bedroom!"


A couple came over to take the express delivery, boys: You bought so much clothes again? The girl told back to write back: Do not buy? Seeing that the atmosphere will drop to the ice point, the boys quickly smile and said: Not, you are not the same every day. I am afraid that I will always want to see you stick you, afraid you are annoying.