Joke: Laughing fork your life

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Joke: Laughing fork your life

2022-01-12 06:05:23 50 ℃

1. A friend's marriage failed, go to the temple to ask the master resession, he suddenly asked the master: Master Why didn't you open your eyes, but always closer?

Master: Amitabha, faster, always see you, I will have no appetite. . .

2, buddy: This time you have a new company, I have encountered Bole!

Me: Advance you?

Buddy: No!

Me: Why?

Buddy: Sabo said "I have so many years of horses, or I will encounter my blend!"

3, three inserts have people. The right side of the question: "Brother, is there a paper?"

The middle of the middle: "Yes, I will finish it."

Then after a while, the rushing bucket was walking, the right thing shouted me: "Brothers, do you have a paper?"

I thought that the big fart is not enough. Then he made a sentence: "Don't wipe it ..."

4. Milk tea sister is about Liu Qiangdong, Liu Qiangdong said: "I am very busy."

The milk tea sister said unhappy: "Where are you busy?"

Liu Qiangdong said: "My face is blind."

5, "Xiongtai is a big name?"

"My name said the length, my name Wei, the name comes from the phrase" "

Wei Yusheng! Good name. "

"No, my name is Wei Wai."

"Well, brother, what do you need? Brother, want to know about insurance? Brother, according to your identity, I suggest you buy a business insurance and accident insurance. Or you can also buy a school insurance for your child. "

"I just want to get you a note!"

7. I heard two big moms on the bus in discussing a child.

A aunt said: "There is no use of the second child, and the child is too tired."

Another aunt said: "You must have a second child! You look at Wu Dalang, if not his mother is born, who will give him a revenge ?!"