Joke: Dad wrote a commitment, and never appeared in the parent meeting in the future.

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Joke: Dad wrote a commitment, and never appeared in the parent meeting in the future.

2022-01-12 06:05:11 58 ℃


At the abroad of the old classmates, he is a minority, he is passionate about me to eat, and his dad wants me to stay for one night.

I have already booked the hotel, but I have had to promise in the entry into the country, then look at their family to give me a room, change the shop ...

Later, I told my classmates: "Your custom is quite special, and guests will stay for one night."

He said: "If you think so, I am very polite, you are the first to be true."


The two fathers and sons play hide and seek in the park, the children are five, six years old, Dad Tibetan son looking, the child did not find. After an hour, the child's cry alarmed the tourists, and his family also heard the news. At this moment, the stupid scene appeared, the child's father's mouth roded from the lotus pond ...


When I got school, I opened my parents, I was my mother. Once I have something wrong, I sent my dad. As a result, after half an hour, my mother called to school with my teacher called school, seriously criticized my dad, because my dad took half an hour, slept twenty-five minutes, snoring the earthquake, was The division of the partner complained to the principal. Then, my dad wrote a commitment, and I didn't appear in my parent meeting in the future.


Customer: "The boss came over." Boss: "What happened?" Customer: "I don't sell this kind of money, no seeds are still selling so expensive!" Boss: "This is in line with the current trend, see now The papaya watermelon is no seed. "Customer:" The melon you sell to me is not seed! "


An old uncle took the train; bought a slow ticket, but it took a quick train. The flight attendant is found, saying to him: "The old man, your ticket will make up!" The old man listened to the eyes and said: "The above cave is you cut, call me to make up?" The flight attendant is stupid explained: " It's not a ticket, calling you, the ticket you bought is a slow ticket, this car is a fast car, you should make up the ticket. "The old man realized, said: Oh! This is the case; then you call the driver to open a slow point, I don't hurry ...


I got off work, please send a snack. This goods give him a call to his wife. I just said: "You really have no position! I have to report a meal." I didn't accept the gas, said: "Sometimes I am still very positional. Generally, some people have to borrow money from my wife. , My wife will say 'oh, my family said that it is not enough, it is my husband's family'! "