Funny gif Function: My salary card is kept by his wife

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Funny gif Function: My salary card is kept by his wife

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Funny gif Function: My salary card is kept by his wife

1, high two hours, before the big exam, I spent the bribery class, saying that I sent my answer. Who knows, the girl is in a small point, plus paper light, she threw it to the side of the grass on the left. Caught by the invigilator. The class of grass is crying. The invigilator is not awful, I said that I said that he is so long. Can this answer I throw it? The first time I feel that the long ugly is quite good, it is really good.

2, I saw a dirty boy on the road, staring at a bag of milk in front of the little girl in front. After drinking, the little girl was throwing the bag into the ground, he rushed to pick up the milk bag on the ground, put it in his mouth, I rolled down my nose. Just wanted to pull up him, I saw him put the bag blowing the bag into the ground.

3, at noon boss inspected his construction site, I found someone to see comics book in the corner, the boss asked: "How much is your salary for a month?" The man A: "One thousand." The boss took out the wallet number of 1000 yuan He shouted: "You have leaving this month!" After the man was pleased, he asked the old board asked by the old board: "Which department is he?" Workers loudly: " He is coming to send fast food. "

4, today eats sweet powder to get stomachache, hurry to see the doctor. After the doctor touched my abdomen, the feelings shook his head. I am worried about Q: "Is it a stomach stones? Or is it a stomach ulcer?" The doctor also shook his head. When I couldn't help but worse, then the damn doctor said: "Good meat ....."

5, the little scorpion is a graduate student in the field, and the landstorming machine of their dormitory is broken, can't use the microphone, can only be used exemption. Others want to throw it, but at that time, the phone had just lost, and he did not agree. Suddenly, there is a day, the mother's mother has called to call the little scorpion for 2 hours. From time to time: Do you listen? The little scorpion squatted on the ground, dragging the landline, everyone saw the mouth of the mother!