Funny gif Function: Evening Daughter's removal makeup

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Funny gif Function: Evening Daughter's removal makeup

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Funny gif Function: Evening Daughter's removal makeup

1, lunch time, I dress up, my father wears neatly, when I am preparing to go out, my mother shouted: "I have to eat, what are you going?" I laughed: "Mom, Zhang Wei gives me The object introduced, I took Dad to refer to it, he had the same eyes, and he went to know that it could not be missed ... "My mother smiled:" Well, let's go! "Road, I asked : "Dad, you are so strict, learn!"

2, in order not to let his family, the buddy has married the widow of the village for many years. After marriage, the buddies want son, but his wife is always a daughter, and the fifth child is a son. The buddies still want to regenerate a son, and the sixth child is a daughter. I asked him: Brothers, have been born, still regenerated? Nowadays a child is not easy. The brothers scratched his head and said, hey, not born, not born, regenerate, the account book will not be installed.

3, bought her favorite bag, she washed me the shoes. The shoes that wear a girlfriend are different. I smell it taste and fragrant. When I get off work, I will take a while in the road. I feel smaller and slippery at the foot. I look at it, and I will take a step. Pile of white bubbles, take a step left a bubble footprint, this mother, the shoe does not give me clean ...

4, remember when I was a child and my brother, I deliberately cut into a big one. Then I ran on the small piece, my brother thought it was chasing it. Deliberately let him catch up with it, I will not give him, come back, I have a big. TM has went to wit.

5, some time, there is a sister to share with me, she doesn't rest assured me, so I will follow her about three chapters, I don't have to enter her room, I don't want to give her more or not. I just started faster, later, she always teasing me, I, but also because of the money, then, later, she took off the contract with my face. I locked my room, she always knocked on the door. After opening the door, I slipped back to my room. I knocked on her door: "You can rest assured that even if there is no contract, I will never touch it. You, I think a man's character is far more than 200,000 yuan! "Later she became my girlfriend, then she was pregnant.