Funny gif Function: A man chasing girlfriends for three years

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Funny gif Function: A man chasing girlfriends for three years

2022-01-13 12:02:00 28 ℃

Funny gif Function: A man chasing girlfriends for three years

1, although it has been working for many years, but still remember that the evening of the college entrance examination results, I cried, my heart, my mother sighed, my dad, smoking, smoking, half ramping: " If you don't read it, you don't read it.

2, yesterday, she took my girlfriend to go home, his girlfriend was very beautiful, and it was very diligent. Dad wants to smoke. She picked up the lighter busy to give my father to the father, but also to dad, I took out. 1000 yuan, saying that I will give a meeting for the first time, my girlfriend took money, said thank you boss, boss, board ...

3, the little scorpion is the outstanding graduate of 211 Agricultural University, with an ID card to loan 8 million back to the pig. When the New Year, the Maotai Wine Processing Factory near the New Year, the little scorpion found that the pigs in the circle became touched, and loss of appetite. The little watcher came to the veterinarian. After the veterinary blood test is said: "The test list shows that these fat pigs are drinking all the yearner, and there is a problem in liver function. It may only have three years of Yangshu!" Xiaozi said: "Not afraid, no one month, these pigs It can be slaughtered, you want to give me a means, first solve the problem of pigs don't eat in front of you! "The veterinarian said:" To eat, you will eat, you will buy wine! "

4, my girlfriend is sitting on my thigh reading, I am playing mobile phones, I suddenly see my girlfriend bite the lips while focusing on reading, the picture is very attractive. I gave your girlfriend. My girlfriend wrinkled and looked at me and then continued to read. Then there is a picture of the tempting. When I want to have my girlfriend, my girlfriend pinned my lips and roared: "Go to the side, the old mother is hurting you, you!"

5, the brother is playing, a family of people will go to persuade, and they cry. Playing mahjong is still awkward! I am not so good to pick a few smoke! "Second uncle quickly advised the comment:" Mahjong, you don't mess with your wife is angry, you see your face is swelling ... "