Ten paragraph: The mobile phone is no power, I am flustered than my wife.

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Ten paragraph: The mobile phone is no power, I am flustered than my wife.

2022-01-13 12:02:00 14 ℃

1 wife special love online shopping, almost every day, you have to pick up some big and small paper boxes, bags, etc. from the house. See this scene, I also purchased rice, face, oil from the Internet ... The recipient left her phone and name. After receiving these things, the wife was excited, and the mysteriously told me: "Husband, I don't know which fool bought rice noodles all sent to my home, this is saved in the lifestyle." I also Mystery: "Wife, don't speak, don't dare to know." She nodded solemnly. Since then, she went downstairs and other living goods from the floor. Looking at her exciting little face, I am happy, I am happy: Haha! Being sent to the fart by people ...

2 When a sister chatted, I talked to the salary. At this time, she said indignant: Who can introduce me a high-paying job. After I drink water, I will answer: I have a high salary career. Almost have to spit.

3 Today, with our seven-year-old baby daughter on the street, seeing a mother with three children vastly on the road. I remembered the ancient theory of "Royal Love Children, Civil Love", and said to her daughter, "Baby, you guess so many dolls, who is the most loved?" Daughter thought "I want to say" the favorite ... ... them all right, don't you do so much! "I ...! !

4 Know the clothes. I was in the clothes factory for 10 years ago. There is a silly kid yourself newly purchased a little wrinkle. I don't know if it is a stupid child, there is a problem or afraid of the hot class to stain his clothes clothes, I have not taken off. Ironed and Ironted himself on the body. Steaming shouted him. He ironed himself. When you take your clothes off. The whole bust is full of blisters.

5 Every time I examine, my mother's mother sent me a transcript, a school, a grade, and my son class teacher also sent it in the group. I don't know why she will send me a time every time.

6 others drink milk tea, you also drink milk tea, others, snails, you are also screwed, others eat, barbecue, you can also eat, eat, eat 80 pounds, you don't scream

7 daughter-in-law fell, very funny, I quickly took out the phone to take pictures! The wife's face is sinking: "When you laugh, have you ever thought about others." I glanced, hurry to make a friend who just taken. Friendship.

8 is dining in the breakfast shop, come over a aunt: take two Ma Yun, a bowl of hot paste; this shop also sells Ma Yun? I saw the boss took two marshes and a bowl of hot paste.

9 son opened a parent meeting, I didn't have time to go to work, saying that his dad, his son said that his father is so ugly, not letting, and finally his dad, change the son to tell me, the teacher said that I gave my father. One

10 people are outside, once the mobile phone is about 20%, my heart will panic. I am more popular than my wife.