Funny GIF: This night, she is crying alone, suddenly the next door, three knocks on the wall.

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Funny GIF: This night, she is crying alone, suddenly the next door, three knocks on the wall.

2022-01-13 18:04:49 15 ℃

Let you be naughty, let your skin! It's not a life as soon as possible!

Pederal people in Huangquan Road, there is always a higher car god

It's hard enough ... but it is a bit big. . .

Who has my wit, wait for a pool to get on the bus!

There is a sense of a girl in a sputum class.

Is the martial arts in the practice ancient tomb?

Madao domineering side leak

Selected connotation segment

1. She is watching the horror film, and the next door is hitting three knocks. She is scared, she is her neighbor. He likes to scare her, I have tried the phone to play the ghost, she angryly knocking the wall. Revenue. There is a response there, she feels that his child is ignored. After half an hour, the wall disappeared. The next day, the police came out of the next door, and he died in the housing. She finally understood the meaning of the wall. This night, she was crying alone, and suddenly the next door came to the wall.

2. School works, the boys on the stage represent five hair, the girl represents a piece, the host said a number, and then men and women plugged together to add the number, no hug. When there are three men and two women left, the host said a five. As a result, their three men's tight hugged together, the two girls had a blame, the host stayed, and the platform burst ...

3. The just son wife just gave birth to the baby, and the whole family came to the ward. The stream shouted with the baby: "Too good, is a son!" His wife is not happy, saying: "How, heavy men's light women?" The just is busy explaining: "No, if you have a daughter, wait When she grew up, she was hurting, and she hurts ... "The old man on the side listened, suddenly sighed, said:" Yeah, really hurt! "

4. Wife rushed me: "We are in love, you will pick me up and down every day, and take me to watch movies, I still call me to sleep, sweet words all day. Now,, even talk is too lazy I said. "I said while watching TV:" This is related to my work, I am engaged in selling, this love is like selling products. Now, it is after-sales service time, this is not my tube. "

5. I often go online to go online because the boss is a woman, in his twenties, giant. LOL technology is also. This time I am on the Internet cafe lol. This evening is overnight. Just sat down, I heard the female boss and her girlfriend said: Find a boyfriend, don't come here. This helps the net can have a good time. Not just me. The whole Internet cafe is tens of people, and there is no button in an instant. . .