I am late, the boss said that I will not do it.

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I am late, the boss said that I will not do it.

2022-01-13 18:05:00 15 ℃

Last Spring Festival,

The old classmates sit around and drink the wine to start to Jinjin.

Xiao Li said, boss, I,

I gave him 2 big mouth sons.

The boss lying in the hospital for seven days, spenting me 70,000,

I think the value, I will not be affected by this.

Xiao Wang said: I am late, the boss said me.

I don't do it.

What is the cattle, there are more than 40, but also open a broken road.

Laozi is getting off work, all millions of specials.

Everyone started, he said that I took the bus.

Xiaoli said: Then I still have hundreds of millions, I am sitting on the subway.

Xiaoli followed: Do I know why I hip?

I introduced a girl to our company.

She actually has an leg with my supervisor.

The key is that I share with her,

I can't stand these stains, 咦 ~.

I listened to it silently.

No, no,

I am laughing in my heart, laughing the same as they once.

Xiao Li pushed me to say, bald,

How about you? What is it mixed?

I said, I also left, after 35,

It's not a low low, I am still very confused.

They advise me not to think more,

Also said a lot of comfort,

I hovered my heart, falling down.

After the take-off, you will go back to each home.

This year's classmates are mobilized again.

And I don't want to participate.

I finally knew that the best little Zhu, mixed.

Why didn't you appear once again.

# 张燚燚 #

Why do retired cadres do not be included?

Just retire, no one praises him,

He feels that people go to the tea and feel that people are silly X.

I used to work, I am boast every day.

Put a fart, some people say that there is a Pu'er taste.

Everyone is a monkey, and the 锣 就 will.

# 张燚燚 #

He spread out of school,

Everyone is very envious of him.

Yesterday he went to the river to fish, lost.

At his memorial, everyone pretended sadness.

In fact, I am very happy.

# 张燚燚 #