Ten paragraph: I will give it to you, you see my expression!

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Ten paragraph: I will give it to you, you see my expression!

2022-01-14 12:02:00 19 ℃

1 Before going out, the daughter-in-law made me put her high heels to take the shoes near the unit. Results There is no bag in the home, I will go out with my hand. After the bus, I just stared at me when I just sat down. I don't know, the guy suddenly shouted: Yeah! If you don't want your wife to run, this practice is the most effective!

2 Will not speak price, in the heart of the pit, you like to go to the supermarket every time, today I saw a dress in a shop very beautiful, my heart is very like, I am going to buy, when paying Seeing the brilliant smile, plus excited tone, thank you, I remember it: forget the price! Boss, believe me, I am really not stupid, just not pay.

At the funeral of the 3rd neighborhood, I found a group of children on the edge of the hall. I curiate asked my family: How these children are your own generation? The family is smirk: Hey! These children are all in the fun of the people. Their teachers are blowing, and the lessons are conflict with the business frames, just say that children come here to see the study!

4 Just sent to the customer there, count 904 yuan when checkout, the customer is still looking for nine 100, I am looking for it in the drawer, I said it is calculated. He said that he couldn't take a five yuan for me. I took the 905 yuan pocket to turn, just heard a voice at the door of his store, you found a piece Ah. Fortunately, I found two five-haired coins on my car.

5 The door is a snack bar, the business is very hot, the waiters and the boss have been almost busy, because they have finished consciously payment, I have escaped for more than 3 months, today's sense of mind, go finish Paying money, just got out of the store, was called back by the boss, said that I didn't pay, I silently took out the bill of mobile phone and pay the bill, the boss was grateful, and sent me a halogen.

6 When you buy fruits, you can taste it. If you feel that you don't have to buy it. Now I don't let it taste. I saw the exquisite performance of the boss when I bought oranges today. Me: The orange is sweet? I taste it. Boss: Thank you for your taste! Me: How do I know how sweet? Boss: I will show you! You see my expression! So I saw the boss, I was sour but still showed a sweet expression.

7 In our class, there is a classmate in the south. He is from a small piano, and his finger is white. Yesterday, I went to the supermarket together. At the time of checkout, the cashier was very surprised: a young man, your hand is white, better than the girl's hand. This brother is boasting a bit drifting, reaching out in front of the cashier: Do you know what I am doing? The cashier considers it: Will not take a shower?

8 Yesterday, I went to my girlfriend to eat, and my mother had made a lot of cars. I am accompanying the old man to eat that, drink that happiness! At the time of the end, I looked at the leftovers of the table. I halitly shouted at the beautiful sister of my girlfriend: waiter, package!

9 roads saw a gentleman's backpack did not pull up, reminded him, he said it is nothing, there is nothing worth anything, I just want to remind you to put the paper on the bag, I am not afraid. What you lose, I just afraid of it, after all, I am also a person who loves the environment.

10 Northeastern people drink white wine like to use a big bowl, and it is a very high-spirited one. Cantonese people use the kind of small wine cellar, don't look small, drink a little bit. Yesterday, the old classmate in the northeast gathered, I asked him to eat beef hot pot, just started to be too small, drinking is not addictive! I didn't have it for half an hour, and he drunk a bottle of wine, let me give it a whole.