Micro novel: "Hahahaha, I tease you!"

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Micro novel: "Hahahaha, I tease you!"

2022-01-14 18:08:31 17 ℃

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Three brothers (2)

But the little scorpion knows that his distance from the tribow has been more larger.

This is not only reflected in age. Three brothers are not small, but they have been unmarried.

His family is very anxious, and every day, he gave him a girl.

The three brothers are always talking to him now.

"You said, I can't help but help the wind, I will lack the yang, just a man, the man, which girl will look at me?"

"... The three brothers are very good."

"Good, fart, use, not a waste."

"... Don't say this."

The three brothers listened to the little scorpion, and I was interested in taking a look at him. "Little scorpion, if there is really no girl with me, you will be with me?"

The face of the little scorpion immediately took a hot gas at the speed visible to the naked eye.

It is clear that the whole heart is trembled, but he can't show it.

"Hahahaha, I tease you, see your pure feelings!"

The third brother smiled and covered his stomach. The heart of the little scorpion cooled again.

I didn't pay attention to the emotions of the little scorpion, I thought about it, and I would like to ask him well: "You won't be a Christmas?"

Dotted the effect you wanted, and the three brothers smiled a few times.

He laughed like a sun, warm and enthusiastic.

The little scorpion saw his smile, and the heart trembled and trembled. Three brothers, laughing so good.

He can't stand it.

Since his first dream ~ The object of the legacy is a three brother, he has understood his own mind.

He likes the third brother. I like the buddy of the favor of him "small scorpion".

However, it is painful that he can't say it for a lifetime.

This kind of love, I don't say that the three brothers can accept it, the world will not accept it.

What's more, their parents are healthy. The three brothers have to marry their daughter, and he is the same.

He is very awake. However, even if you are awake, when you hear the news that the three brothers want to get married, I still cried all night.

He asked three brothers: Do you like her?

Three brothers are silent, and I didn't say anything.

He used his default, to stand sadness in his heart, whispered a sentence: "Happy Newly Market" and then stiff turn, leaving.

Three brothers, I have no chance to tell you three words.