Happy moment: female leaders have been vomiting, I want to tease her, ask: Whose child is ...

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Happy moment: female leaders have been vomiting, I want to tease her, ask: Whose child is ...

2022-01-15 00:03:55 16 ℃

Look at the map to guess the idiom (the answer is the bottom)

1 Shame, the buddy is stupid, and there is no mouth, and the face is rough. Finally, I watched: "You are fat!" The female student broke it, wow, cry.

2, one brother is very good, I will go home after a drunk, I wake up after I wake up after I wake up, but I can't find it. My wife has been going to work. I ask. I remember that the car ride last night, how to hospital There is no. His wife listened to the roar, you still have a face, and I rode a big tree fork to enter the hospital last night, and I really have to think about it. Who knows what your car is lost. Then buddy said: I said how to be so tired!

3, quarreling with your wife at night, no one is careful. Get up in the morning, I want to check the information, you need to use a marriage certificate, ask where the wife is married! The daughter-in-law jumped from the bed and gave me a slap. I pointed to my nose. "I don't want to give you the face. When you are angry, you still want to divorce with me?"

4, I think my blind date is a two goods ... I met him in the hotel, he gave me a cup of boiling water to me, tense: "Drink water!" I: "Water too Hot, one hundred degrees of water how to drink. "Then he took the water in the cup out:" Okay, there is a fifty degree, you can drink it! "

5, Wang Yaqing, Wang Yaqing, said: "The feeling of daily every day is suddenly black, suddenly dawn, suddenly black, suddenly arrived in February."

6, online shopping, plus velvet leggings, pants legs have embroidered, last night, go shopping with your wife. On the way, the pedestrians are watching me, I think is that my trousers are so good, and I'm more confident. Everyone always shows me that this trousers have not bought the wrong, and the heart is beautiful. Later, my wife told me: Is this pants to do wrong? Put into my leggings.

7. In the process of cooking in the kitchen, all kinds of stimulating smells are fully emitted, and men's smell can get very good exercise, and thus sniffing nerves are not easily aging, and they can keep smell sensitivity.

8, the female leader has been vomiting, I want to tease her and ask if the child is? I didn't expect that she was red and her face said it was you. The two female colleagues next to them smiled. I didn't think about it. The next day, the female leader held her husband to run the company to chase me.