Humorous joke: I want to be a micro-signal to the bridesmaid, she is very small: 500 ...

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Humorous joke: I want to be a micro-signal to the bridesmaid, she is very small: 500 ...

2022-01-15 12:02:00 13 ℃


A male trains are sitting down, and after the car is opened, I take a roast chicken, handsome, I will smash the chicken body out of the window, then stare at the chicken bag in your hand. After a while, I started.


Big eyes pure little sister


Just lying down, I heard a man shouting downstairs: "Tell, play, play, fight, kill! Kill! Go to death! The smells, anti!" Suddenly sleeping, I only wear a slippers and got down the building, Mom! As soon as I am, there are dozens of people who have a good look. It turns out that a man is in directing his wife in a reversing, my day! The neck is full, every day, this heart.


Boss, today my girlfriend birthday, take out your most expensive jewelry in your store! "Boss:" How do you see this table? ""how much? "Ten pieces give you" "So cheap also assume my girlfriend? "Boss:" I am 2 yuan, the highest, I only dare to give you this price! " ! ! ! "


A: "Men over the age of 30 are like Dandelong."

B: "Is it not drifting?"

A: "No, a blind, speak bald."


Dad: "Is there a woman friend at school?" Son: "No." Dad: "How did the computer come back?" Son: "Put the school." Dad: "Don't let your girlfriend play. ! "Son:" No, she is there. "


A colleague has always been in the year of 30 years old, but I don't know how to drop my girlfriend, very beautiful, three months hold a wedding, we are very surprised, the wedding day, I also saw the seven or eight bridesmaids, really It is a little bit of water, let me go to the smuggling of the bridesmaid, I'm looking at it is true, so I will take the courage to ask the number, who is very small: We are The groom is helped from the KTV rented, 500 pieces have been a bride, you can also find us; I ...


Lao Li was a serious illness. He was dead. He pulled his wife's hand and said: "Wife ... After I die, you must be married to the old Zhang." Lao Li's wife asked why, Lao Li said: "At the beginning Because it is his work, I want him to teach the hard tiger ...

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