God Replies Section: Is it a destroyed name by your own rare last name?

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God Replies Section: Is it a destroyed name by your own rare last name?

2022-01-15 18:07:40 33 ℃

Roommates often bring her boyfriend home,

The two people will watch TV in the living room.

Every time I go through the living room, I feel very inconvenient to go to the toilet.

I said that she said that she is not worthy.

I can't help it today, ________

God reply:

1, take a shower in the living room

2, revealing my 40D

3, decided not to take a bath

You are the CEO of the listed company, gold single Han

There are countless female employees in the company want to chase you.

You are very troubled, today there is a female employee to send you a cup of coffee and thrown your eyes.

You have no good choice, immediately

1, wake up

2, the phone called the boyfriend says someone harassment

3, throw a cup of coffee with her

You are a marketing number with thousands of powder.

This day, a big-name star's broker gave you a box of cash, let you go black his opponent.

Although you love money but you have the bottom line,

So you throw money on his face

Unswerving ________

1, do you call the flower!

Today you go to the haircut, Tony teachers are very handsome

Close up when the hair is cut,

You can even feel his nose,

After cut, you look to the mirror

Your hair is really ________

1, long as Tony's nose hair

2, stick the yellow nose of Tony teacher ...

Large in the rain, you don't have an umbrella

You will take a deep breath to make it ready to rush into the rain.

Suddenly someone pulled you

You look back and see is a handsome guy, a small face is red


1, beauty, buy umbrella! Ten piece

2, where is the girl? Empress is alive, collect you 20

3, let it cut, my boyfriend will pick me up.

Recently, you found that your lotion is dramatic.

You suspect that the husband secrets,

You are holding a lotion to ask him,

He explained ________

1. There is a bit dry, apply it.

2, I will drink a bite.

You second grade this year, you like your desk, have been worshiped.

You want to have a little progress,

One day, her hair was pulled off by another male child.

She is sad to cry on the table,

You hurt ________

1. Unload the belt rubber band in the belt of belt to give her hair

You and your girlfriend are all in love for three years.

One day, when you chat with her video, she suddenly appeared around you.

You are excited _______

1. Climbed from the female classmates, that, I, just run ...

2, wake up, find that you have no female pots at all

After you wake, I found out that you crossed.

You are sitting on the sedan, and people outside wear ancient clothes.

You find that your clothes are not ordinary people can wear.

You asked the car, he said that you are ________

1, pet dog

2, he said that you are a fool, how do you have a car?

3, small brother, the next one will turn to you.

Recently, Jinan, Shandong.蔄 Auntie is frozen because of the uncommon last name, the social security card may not be used in the future. So, the problem is coming, is destroyed by your own rare surname, is it a experience?

Copywriting Jun:

The Chinese culture is profound and profound. It is the study of our Chinese surname. Last month, the company came in a new girl called the fifth place. "Tell true, I haven't figured out what she surnamed, your surname Rare?