Funny gif Function: Everyone has its own strengths

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Funny gif Function: Everyone has its own strengths

2022-01-15 18:08:03 23 ℃

Funny gif Function: Everyone has its own strengths

1, a businessman in a small hand workshop in Switzerland, see two wooden swan sculptures in the window, but the price is different, so he asked the boss, the boss said: "You bought it, I will tell. You! "As a result, this businessman got the answer he wanted: Their difference is the price! "

2, a restaurant is well known as "duck", a tourist comes. When the waiter is on the dishes, each end will always explain: "This is a duck neck", "this is a duck breast", "this is a duck leg" to be colorful, overflow. The last dish is coming, and the tourist can see that it is a piece of chicken, and it is inconvenient to say, it is a piece of fork, deliberately ask: "What is this?" The waiter said calmly: "It is a duck friend."

3, girlfriends because of fat, was smashed by the boyfriend ... I kept crying on the bus ... I have been comforting her ... Suddenly, she looked firmly: "Go! Today we Get off in advance! "I saw she suddenly strong, I am very pleased:" Is this right! What happened, from today, I will accompany you to get off at two stops in advance, go back! Just Persevere, you will be thinned ... "The girlfriend looked at me:" There is a disturbed string in front, I want you to accompany me to vent ... "

4, with a place in front of it, specially picking a love to take a small cheap, and it is really small for him. One day, the landlord was drowned to the well. The landlord had to call the coffin. The boss of the raft of the running leg is not paying attention, hiding a small coffin in the Dasu Village. The landlord saw it, and he was very angry: "Get two coffin dry?" The running leg said: "Useful, useful! Big big big masters, small, beautiful young master!"

5, Xiaoming in the toilet, Xiaoqiang pulls down the little pants from behind. Then I ran away. Xiao Ming ran to the principal's office card. Xiao Ming: "The President of Wang, Xiaoqiang put my pants down." Wang President: "Amount, there is something to say slowly, you first put your pants first ..."