Couple quarrel live broadcast (humorous story)

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Couple quarrel live broadcast (humorous story)

2022-01-16 00:02:03 73 ℃

Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li live up to the building. On this day, Xiao Zhang suddenly listened to the upstairs, noisy, open the window, is Xiao Li and his wife hit.

Xiao Zhang's wife stands in front of the window to see the lively, Xiao Zhang said: "You are nothing to see people fight, what qualities?" Xiao Zhang's wife "smiled, said:" You can take you to persuade, to persuade them , Quiet, I have given you a hundred dollars. "

It turns out that Xiao Li and his wife are often quarreling, and they have no four neighbors. Xiao Zhang listened to his wife, immediately rushed down, and knocked on the door of Xiao Li. Xiao Li also opened the door, and a wolf in the house, his wife was crying in the sofa. Xiao Zhang handed a smoke and said: "Brothers, home and everything, you will disappear, see the younger brother."

Xiao Li Gang has to take a smoke, I want to think about it, take the smoke to the foot, shouted: "All said that the fire anti-theft anti-neighbor, you will be so good to persuade? Rounded, or I took you!"

Xiao Zhang explains that he has no maliciousness, just don't want their husband and wife quarrel. Come, Xiao Li is on the air, and suddenly raises a bench, scared Xiao Zhang, I have to escape home. My wife saw Xiao Zhang's unclaimed and laughed: "I just don't have the ability!"

Xiao Zhang did not accept it, Ling Machi moved, pick up the mobile phone and returned to the "battlefield". At this time, Xiao Li is still jealous, see Xiao Zhang again, shout: "You come back again? Don't worry about our family!"

Xiao Zhang "嘿" smiled and said: "You are arguing you, I played me, I don't hinder each other." Said, Xiao Zhang raised the mobile phone, said, "Dear friends, husband and wife quarrel live broadcast, gift take a wave ! "

I saw a small mobile phone screen rose speed, and Xiao Li got up and raised the bench. Xiao Zhang immediately shouted: "Do you dare to do it? This is a live broadcast, you can use evidence of your crime."

Xiao Li gave the bench together, screaming: "Laozi is not a noisy, my family quarreling you to make money, I don't do this!"