Classic jokes, look at the mood is more comfortable when you are not happy, the ultimate humor touch the smile

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Classic jokes, look at the mood is more comfortable when you are not happy, the ultimate humor touch the smile

2022-01-17 00:07:11 71 ℃

1. A group of foreigners visited the Chinese shopping malls and found a brand in the door. It is "careful and sliding". The students smiled. The Chinese is really meaningful, and this is the rink, let us carefully (de) sliding !

2. Female: There is a male suddenly hugged me from behind, I am not a gift. Male: No wonder you are so angry. Female: The more gas is that the man actually said "I am really disappointing, it is a man"!

3. A group of swallows caught the nest under the eaves, and after the buffet, the swallows called in the roof, and the children in the court were curious and asked Dad. The father: Hey, the header hide, did not give people a payment.

4. Envulsion and stupid bear are drunk, and Wu Wu said to the stupid bear: When I married my wife, I took a whole hour, are you squatting? Stupid bear said proudly: My wife said that I will be ignorant. Some of the opportunity in the future! ......

5. The four ideals of men: the bashies have been lost in the sky, the world is dead, the beautiful brain is broken, crying and shouting let me bubble.

6. You are the wind, you are sand, I am coming to you, I am out of your home, I am dad, you are a mother.

7. Customer: Why do your dog like to see you haircut? Hairdresser: Oh, because I sometimes accidentally cut off the customer's ear.

8. A armor warrior sleeps on the tree, suddenly jumping out of two lions, the male lion says to the parent, dear, there is lunch. Mother and lion answer: It's a canned no appetite!

9. I thought I was very decadent, I only knew today, it turned out that I was abolished.

10. Letter, do not believe it, but also fucking the whole WeChat.

11. Either you maintain a proud single, why bother to help others tune your husband is so serious.

12. Do you know what is rock? I like it, I will swear, I will roll.

13. Life grinds us, and let us get farther.

14. Where there is no water is a desert, there is no sound, that is, lonely.

15. There are so many brain damage in the world, but you have become the leader.

16. I swear to cut my hand again, and I find that I am a thousand-hand Guanyin.

17. When I was young, I thought I had a big life, and I found that the whole world can't save me.

18. You ask me to love you, there are more deep, banknotes can represent my heart.

19. People who don't want to be slave, willing to be a slave.

20. Laozi does not hit you, you don't know how to civil education.

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