Ten sections: I will rely on you, let me fight.

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Ten sections: I will rely on you, let me fight.

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1 When I had breakfast, my wife put two fried eggs in my son, and my son gave me all. I also said: Dad, eat more, men are not easy, I am moving, just want to praise him two words, The son will follow: I will rely on you to make me fight!

2 One of the southern guys fell in the northern girl, just sang the girl in one night, "I moved to touch." "You dare to move me, you will try it, don't die."

3 My sister turns my book bag, quite seriously watching the notes I wrote, I said that I don't understand? When you have been in contact with a few years, my sister seems to know that I have nodded. Then you ask me: Brother, can you not borrow me for a long time? When I was doubt, my sister said: My teacher said that I can't find someone who wrote more ugly than I wrote, I will show my teacher tomorrow!

4 overtime, no one is willing to overtilime, all said that there is something at home, there is no way to arrange, Li Jie said that everyone is drawing, who comes, fair! Everyone wants to have no problems, saying that Li Jie wrote a good signing desktop, let everyone smoke, I ask Li Sister: You don't smoke! Li Sister: I am not there!

5 I have a fruit shop in the fruit store, a mother is also buying, because she is not convenient to hold the child, so the little sister in the store is holding, the mother will go, forget the daughter.

6 I have dinner, my wife is making a mask, I am doing housework and my son. "Son," I want a brother or my sister !! "My son didn't think that" of course is your brother! Dad, you think! We do three people do housework, serving a woman, if you have a sister, you have to wait for two women !!! "" Stealing his mother, "The day is not able to pass" Hey! I actually be right! ! !

7A: "People sometimes violate the promise of the past, this may be a performance of growth, self-denial, pick up the bone, not a good thing." B: "Go to you MD, borrow money, don't still put it, look Laozi does not interrupt your leg! "

In the evening of 8 nights, I will finish the meal first, and my husband still sees the dining chair when she eats slowly. I can't give you a chair dance for you. He has a sudden speed of eating: Take a moment, wait until I finish dining.

9 I slept in the fragrance last night, suddenly my husband grabbed me to ask me, what about your ring? Silent, I am sleepy, pull the other hand, he touched the ring, saying that he said: Oh in this hand. Large speechless scene, can I throw a ring?

10 Today, I will eat Western food with the gods. When you eat steaks, you should take a frame in one hand and take the stroke to be elegant, the result of one of the gods said, usually see you eating with chopsticks, how come the knives today? I pointed to the steak full of teeth, saying that the steak is too old, how to tear it, this is not a way, can only cut into small pieces of small pieces with a knife, the goddess see the steak Wide saliva shiny and interlaced teeth printing, thoroughly speaking.