Humorous joke: I said with my wife and said: I will learn my mother, I will find an obedient to myself!

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Humorous joke: I said with my wife and said: I will learn my mother, I will find an obedient to myself!

2022-01-21 06:15:04 53 ℃

1. Decorate the small decoration on the clothes of the clothes, always fall. Today, I wore her new skirt. After the kindergarten, I was already early, and I saw her on the window.

A little girl said to the girlfriend: "The gemstone on your skirt (ordinary plastic beads) is so beautiful, can you give me one?"

If you don't say it, you don't say it.

The little girl is not ambiguous, sitting on the small water on the sandals to drill a girlfriend. . .

2, weekend, friends about me came out.

I: Why don't you have a girlfriend?

Friends: Girlfriend how you are important.

I: 呸, tell the truth.

Friends: Her husband tested, not let her go out.

I. . .

3, my brother said to the nephew: "I really envy your boy, just go to school every day, where I have to take care of your mother, you don't know how to wait for a multi-story old lady?"

The nephew said: "You think that it is easy to go to school, you just serve a woman, I want to serve Chinese teachers, mathematics teachers, English teachers, and olders ..."

4, A: The rich man is really good, not like the poor every day, buy more and two pork husbands, you will waste money, buy more clothes, husband, you will marry your defeat.

B: Hey, every family has a difficult experience, and the rich people also quarrel every day. Occasionally do not eat abalone to eat shark's fin husband, you can buy 30 million necklaces without buying 40 million necklaces. You don't have taste.

5, Dad: Why do you even have such a simple arithmetic?

Daughter: Because I am stupid!

Dad: Why don't you sweep your own room?

Daughter: Because I am lazy!

Dad: You are stupid and lazy, what to do in the future!

Daughter: Like a mother, let's find an old husband!

dad:. . .

6. I bought a small dictionary to the son of kindergarten and prepared to teach him how to use it.

My son likes a dictionary. Where is it? I asked him: Son, you don't know a few, how do you bring a dictionary with you?

The son said: See who the kindergarten will bully me? Who bullied me, I shoot him!

7, half night to aunt, the stomach hurts can't sleep, the bed is turned over!

女 眼 惺忪 惺忪, I said that you sleep first, my mother is hurt!

She immediately sat up: "Mom, you go to the toilet to pull the odor, don't take the bed!"

8. On the court, corrupt officials are reviewed

Judge: "Wang Daqiang, now public prosecution, during the deputy director, corruption, you can plead"

Corrupt officials: "I plead guilty, ask the judge to fall!"

Judge: "Do you have anything to say to your family?"

Cruising: "Yes, I hate my father!"

At this time, the old father of the listener can't sit.

Father: "Why do you hate me, you an inverse child?

Cruising: "When I just said, you said to me, the child should not be too much, see it, I will keep in mind, see it, I will receive it, see it.. Under "