Funny GIF pictures: Ling suit is kicked, it is so clean

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Funny GIF pictures: Ling suit is kicked, it is so clean

2022-01-21 06:16:07 77 ℃

Funny GIF pictures: Ling suit is kicked, it is so clean

1, the nephew National Day holiday, don't drive back to the family, my brother can not drive, the scorpion driver's license has just taken the driving task. Four hours from the whole journey, the nephew gathered a small plus, a total of 13 hours, and two gift boxes bought by the mother of the mother were finished by him.

2, the first time I met the blind date, two people mean, I took the girl to the supermarket to buy something to bring her home. Everyone in the supermarket is wearing a mask, go shopping, I lost her, and didn't add WeChat, I couldn't find someone. I didn't have a while, I was too small, I went to the supermarket and I didn't want to pay, and I secretly ran back. well! I said my face blind girl will believe?

3, tell the truth, now eat chicken is too messy, wearing a black gun in the wall, the official can do it, I was killed on the plane, and once again, I ride a motorcycle to open 150 yards, actually one People are running fast than me, ask me to buy, don't buy me, this I will endure, the most sad, I have lost my thunder by him, and I asked me again. Buy no, don't buy a letter, don't believe, my thunder, my ass ...

4, a family went to travel, and his wife fell from the highest peak. Later, he married young and beautiful new wife. The following year had a cute daughter, he never let his daughter went to the mountain to see the scenery. Finally, the whole family went to the mountain when I was ten years old, my daughter ran to the top of the mountain. He was shocked, and she hugged her, and her daughter turned his head and smiled: "Dad, don't put me again"

5, I think the manifestation of boys' emotions is that I am wrong with the girl who is getting angry after being angry. Then, the salary of this month, take the initiative to pick up the laundry, the remote control, the instant noodles in front of the girlfriend, said softly: the universe super beautiful, the beautiful girl, who is there?