Freshly baked 15 paragraph, humorous, come to see it!

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Freshly baked 15 paragraph, humorous, come to see it!

2022-01-21 06:14:06 106 ℃

First, the son elementary school is five grades, the results have been good, and later looking for his class teacher's discussion, the class teacher will put the pointers of the class with him with him, a month after the month, really effect, pointed life及 格 ...

Second, take the elevator with a girl, only one beauty in the elevator. The exterior woman suddenly asked the beauty: "Sister, do you have a boyfriend?" The beauty shook his head, and the exquisite woman hoped to me, I am excited! " Is this little girl who want to do media? The exterior woman is not ready to point to me: "Don't find me like this, Tang Dynasty! Even cotton candies don't buy it!"

Third, one brother asked the unit, a beautiful woman who is going to be three, are you so beautiful? The beauty said, I was young when I was young, I accidentally cut my hand, and I still have a scar now! The buddies are not solving, the scars in the hand do not have a relationship with marriage? Beauty answers, what do you say?

Fourth, the escaped was taken by Dad, I looked at the land on the ground, my mother anger, I asked the old dad: "Why do you do your son?" I heard the grievances, my mom Pulling the ears of Dad: "The son cried into this way, how do you continue to be?"

5. I went to my classmates to play, see his teenage sister, very beautiful, the key will play the piano, see the wall hanging on the wall, writing: hard work, four big words, I ask students, this banner Which contest gets? Classmates said, that is still last week, she finally popped up the sound of the like, the neighbors downstairs were very moving, not to send a banner.

Six, my brother teasing my daughter: "Don't worry?" Head looked up, silently looked at him, biting lips low voice: "Well." I can't help it: "Well, what does it mean? Say clear, You are unhappy. "Daughter said:" When you need to lie, try to be silent, you have to lying, try not to hurt each other. "

Seven, husband: "Wife, the skin of the bed?" Wife: "The shoes are too old, I will throw it." Husband said: "Who is throwing? Old can wear, can save the province The day can you get more and better! I went back! "Wife:" I don't have to pick it up, I have taken it out! "

Eight, when the female child cares, it is not small to use the hand, like her boys, and immediately took the pencil knife in the girl's hand, and cut his hand and cut out a mouth. The girl asked him: "What are you doing?" The boy is deeply staring at the girl and said: "You see, we are two sides." After half a month, the boy died because of the tetanous bacteria in dye.

Nine, today raining drove to play, the roadside is a booth, open a little splashing a buddy, my parking I want to go back and apologize, I will go back and splash him a water, I am a bit embarrassed, ready The result was splashing him, I saw that this goods picked up the brick, I quickly ran.

Ten, the wife is good, it is doing something wrong, temper is a bit anxious. Last night, my wife told my son to learn. There is a mathematical question. After a few turns, the son is still scratching his head. When the wife suddenly became an eye, he said: How do you be so stupid like your dad! After finishing, I will come to a slap! I was on the spot. Wife: I can't help my son!

Eleven, a 30-year-old father couldn't help but read the flight attendant a few eyes, only the six-year-old daughter asked: "What do you think? My mom is not, how are you like this?" The father is full of red: "Quickly eat less nonsense, elir, don't take you out!" Daughter muttered: "said that the daughter is a lover in his life, I don't understand, I have seen you in my life. ? "

Twelve, I suggest to the male gods "I have two little white rabbits, one called 'I like you', the other called 'I don't like you', one day, 'I don't like you' dead, left What is the rabbit of the rabbit? "He replied ..........

Thirteen, 22 years old, just arrived at the company, many old employees looked at me new, I was crowded at me, under my efforts, some people still look, it is really angry ... Later, I had to call my father. Take them out.

14, I bought a lottery in the lottery yesterday, 4 million! That excitement! Are you dreaming? Hurry, I am really awake, my wife said what is beautiful, Le Cheng is? I don't think it's right, I haven't got married. I quickly smashed myself, I really wake up and be late ...

Fifteen, my boss is a woman. I didn't buy a car because I have always been a husband, but I never drove. I bought a Porsche after the divorce, and even a reversing will not. So I saw the time, helping the difficulties in the parking day every day, I hope to marry her in one day. After a week, I finally became her driver ...