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Classic jokes are coming

2022-01-21 06:13:50 63 ℃

Classic joke segment 1.

Xiaomei wrote a long-lasting wish on essays. First, I want cute children; second, I want to love her husband. So, I noticed that the teacher wrote commented "Please pay attention to priority".

Classic joke segment 2.

Once, a good friend accidentally entered the male toilet, a face panic, this is calm and shouted. "What are you afraid! I have no ruler ~~~

Classic joke segment 3.

do you know? I really want to take you to experience the charm of KTV! Do you know what is KTV? K Jun sucks a sigh of relief, t, kick, and finally do V's gestures!

Classic joke segment 4.

There are 23 pairs of human chromosomes. One day, the old man who teaches the creature slowly asked: "The chromosome is more correct, classmates." The two goods in the corner said loudly: "64 pairs!". "Well, tell me now. What is the purpose of your planet?" He nodded very much seriously.

Classic joke segment 5.

"11" a few days ago, at home online, I have been in contact with the university classmates, suddenly QQ, WeChat online, send me a blessing message. The first reaction is that this item is to be married, so find a reason to go back to find him.

"Hey, I am engaged with '11'. Came my appointment wedding banquet?" Sure enough, he said: "Sorry, I am married with 'eleven'. You can't get it." Save five hundred oceans.

Classic joke 6.

There is a pair of father and son on the car, and the child is still in the open trousers. The child has been talking, everyone looks at him, I think he is very cute. The child suddenly said to her mother. "Why is the opposite sister keeps at my JJ?" I asked. So I heard the surroundings. The opposite girl (around 20 years old) is also red. GC is coming, his mother is coming. "My sister didn't see you. Many people have seen it." Why do you want to be shy people? The people around them have to bear the internal injuries ...

Classic joke segment 7.

I like to walk with my boyfriend, holding his waist with hands, and pulling his clothes. One day in a walk, he suddenly said: "Can you pull my clothes?". I am not happy. "You can't put the baby with me?". Then he said: "Please don't pull my baby clothes." I"."

Classic joke 8.

When the family went to the drama, they bought tickets upstairs, but the boy always lies in the armrest. A staff came over and said: "Please take a closer look at the child, don't fall down. The downstairs is the VIP.

Classic joke segment 9.

Young soldiers received a letter from their hometown. Open the envelope, removed from the inside is white paper. "What is going on?" Asked. "That's it," soldiers said. "When I left my hometown, I quarreled with the fiancee. From that, we don't talk to anyone."

Classic joke 10

Yesterday, I went to the school toilet, I found that the hole is connected together, and the position of one by one is separated. Just pants, the fifty ball begins. I have some distressed, there is no way to take off your pants. The sound of "咣" fell again, I immersed in sadness. Then he said in the back in the back: "Sister, please treat this as a wishing pool!".

Classic joke 11

I got a big dog on the road, touched it home ... The dog grabbed the land, always peeing at home, how many times did not change it. Friends are finally can't stand it, take off their pants, urine in the dog just in the place, warned that this is the site of Laozi. Yes. This dog has never peeing at home.

Classic joke 12.

When one day and her dating, I bought a yellow plate under the bridge, and the price of the middle-aged man, the transaction, stuffed into the big pocket. In the evening, I went to her home to eat. I saw the future father-in-law, I didn't dare to look up. She smiled and said: "What happened? I never seen people like you like you." I smoke . "I didn't expect your father to sell CD!"

Classic joke 13.

The company banquet customers, go to drink, lady, accidentally encounter yellow, a customer was arrested for 15 days. His wife received a bad words after receiving the punishment notice. The minister of the business department said farten after receiving the phone. "Nonjac, you listen to me. Brother drunk last night, we don't let him go. He said that his wife waited at home, but also insisted on going back, drunk driving was investigated. We found a lot of relationships and change. Otherwise It will be closed for 6 months, and the driver's license must be reopened. "The client's wife changed" Thank you ".

Classic joke 14.

The husband and wife quarrel, the man can't win the woman, just put it in bed, it is movable. Woman said: "What do you lying in bed?" The answer of the man, "dead"! Women said: "Why is it to open your eyes?" "Can't die"! The man's answer, the woman's answer, "Why are you still breathing? The man said that" swallowing this breath "!

Classic joke 14.

A man in Beijing came to the Prairie of Korqin, Inner Mongolia and took a deep breath.Mom, the air is too fresh, the quality is very good.I didn't expect the body that the body couldn't stand the clean environment, drunk oxygen, and poisoned on the spot fainted.120 ambulance is here, "Where is the patient from? Answer: Beijing drop! Emergency personnel, unplug the hose of the oxygen cylinder, connect to the car exhaust pipe, let him suck a few mouthfuls. He slowlyWake up gently. "Mom, this is the taste of the home ..." Classic joke 15

The man worked on the phone during the day, and after picking up the child home, I quickly issued WeChat.Wife can't help but finally broke out, "Play! Every day is playing! TMD When I found that the child is not your own life!" The man is angry."Nima! I have been suspicious before, have you finally admitted?" Wife: "Why can't you admit it! Please go to the living room. From the kindergarten, you will pick it to your son.