Humorous joke: this is the real heart

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Humorous joke: this is the real heart

2022-01-21 12:04:53 56 ℃

1. There is a colleague's girl very beautiful, always secretly love her but did not dare to confess, just she is also working hard today, I want to eat together, then watch movies together, but she refuses me! She asked her why she did not agree, she said: 1945! Then both smiled haha! I am alone in the cold wind alone, what is the matter so happy? Begging the old driver guidance.

2. On the street, women "little brother, do you have a girlfriend?" Male "? Do you have a boyfriend?" The woman is shy low "I haven't" male "is embarrassed, I have it. ! "

3. I don't know if you are afraid of being afraid of ghosts. Anyway, I will be afraid of ghosts, my wife is also. I got home from get off work last night, I heard the house in the house: "Dead ghost, don't, go away!" Scared me that I didn't go home in the Internet cach in one night. I am not too weak, let my wife are scratching in the room. . .

4. The classmates gathering, the goddess can't drink, and the male gods hit home, and the middle of the male gods must go, let me send the goddess home. I got the goddess to see the goddess unpaid personnel, I will leave after Meng Meng Meng. Just two months, the goddess called me: "Go to the hospital with me ..." I asked what happened. She said: "I have thought about it carefully." Let's get married! "At that time, the goddess cried ... Now the goddess and my three happiness live, just I didn't dare to tell her, I am a child Human father.

5. On that day, the boss was looking for me to talk about the salary, I rejected it at the time. joke! I have seen the TV, I know the rules, the promotion of the promotion of salary increases will have a car accident, and it will not live two episodes.

6. I can always encounter a small young man wearing a tight-fitting trousers. I also put a speaker behind the motorcycle. I still put the dynamic DJ of the rumbling, but also think that it is very cool, in fact, it seems to be very SB, follow I have the same feeling of a jaw ~