The owner came out of the house, the dog called him, the screen when got up, netizens laughed

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The owner came out of the house, the dog called him, the screen when got up, netizens laughed

2022-01-24 00:02:01 71 ℃

Raise the dog's basins

Probably have such troubles

That is, no matter what the wind is raining or snowing.

I have to get up on time to walk the dog!

You may say

The dog is called

Can't you sleep?

Emmm ... I saw the following screen.

Not that is not so simple!

You come to feel this

How much is a private dog, grievance?

Just ask you

Be pushed in this

Are you still sleeping?

Dog: Dead! Still not getting up!


After raising the dog, you don't say goodbye to eating.

Will also say goodbye to nature

Especially when you raise a violent dog

The wake up can only be described in one word:


You gave me a job, have you had a job!

Get up for labor, hungry!

Can't afford! I believe I am scratching you!

This baby, do you dig a pit on the owner?

This dog mastered the secret of wake up


You can't afford it! God!

Master, I am coming! !

This big meat pier is not light

See here

Is there a very disadvantage of puppy?

But then

Not all dogs are so violent

But do you think those gentle?


A sister said

That day is weekend

Her small short legs of her home will call her get up early in the morning.

But she wants to sleep more for a while, I don't care.

As a result ... the little guy is actually angry!

I saw it silently walked to the bedside, low head

Back shades

The sister wanted to swear in the past.

But one looks up, was scared by its eyes.

Small short leg: Don't think about it, I see you!

This murderous look

Are you affordable?

In addition, the owner gets up.

Sometimes it's too harmful

one day

One of the two ha well, and the owner got up.

I know that the owner has not taken a bath one night before.

As a result, the dog just entered the house and unfortunately moved ...

Two Ha: "Not yet? The sun is busy"

Husky did not dare to go to bed at the time.

Can only smash near the bed

But the next second is not cautious to bite the foot of the owner.


I saw the dog's tongue, the eyes were wide.

The whole body is weak, and the legs of netizens.

See the poisoning is not light

Two Ha: "What did I eat in TM?"

I have to say this here.

The joy of the dog is really too much.

There is such a little guy at the side

It doesn't matter if you sleep for half an hour!