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Subway story

2022-01-28 18:02:11 62 ℃

Early peak, eager to squeeze the subway,

Just as I am emptying yourself,

A aunt is good to remind me: Your lace is open.

My heart is probably like this.

"Still good, this lace is open.

I am just too lazy, I don't want to be tied, bending your waist. "

I saw the package being squeezed to the deformed, and I smiled in aunt.

Said: "Thank you aunt reminded, now it's too squeezed.

I can't kneel down, wait for people to do less, I will be tied. "

The voice just fell, and people who were crowded around me vacated a place.

And I was eager to look at me, as if I said, "There is a place,

Let's take the lace. "

Just squeezed it for warmth?

Everything is speaking on everyone, I am saying thank you.

It's really true in the world, it's true in the world.

No wonder bus, the subway is the most prone to the story!

However, the story is easy to turn into the car,

Let you hate the horse to find a slit drill!

You are sitting on the subway to see jokes,

Friends look at your joke in your mobile phone!

The last sentence of God, successfully made extraordinary laughter

This subway is still quite empty!

There is also a place to turn around to make chest movements.

Look at it later, you can start the performance of the eagle!