"And the blind date girl eats 300 pieces, she turned me 152 啥 意?" ... laugh at me ~

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"And the blind date girl eats 300 pieces, she turned me 152 啥 意?" ... laugh at me ~

2022-02-28 18:10:06 86 ℃

The husband and wife are similar to ninety-nine, so happy.

The poor van is still born in less than a month! Isn't it afraid to turn it? I always feel unsafe!

In the end, I like love.

This positive energy is needed in life

Some people steal the bumper! I haven't joked!

Big sister, you have to practice my own technology.

The decompression tool of the office donor. You jump again, I am afraid you.

I thought it was the king.

Go away, I will wait for an elegant dog, how can I have a handshake with you?

This mother is true! Scared me, just dreaming of playing

The story of this driver is more important than this car!

I didn't expect it, this is my attack route!

This is a person who wants to go three, how come the big brother is still afraid of injection.

What's happening here? Take uncle!

Friends are very handsome

Smoking in public places, no wonder the sister will give you back

This is a real bamboo shoot home.

Don't worry about me, I want yourself!

Dog: It's not that I can't do it, it is too early to jump too early.

Different childhood, how will this child will recall?

Now advocate savings, so getting married or low-strokes, for you, I wish you happiness forever.

The girl took this used as a stool, do you sure your ass will not hurt? It's so funny.

Your family is very polite! Also know thank you!

Old brother, your bed seems to be a bit problem, there is no one, no one is on the shop, otherwise it will be big.

Let me go to the brick every day, this time I am enough.

The dog of others, I really obey!

What did the husband and wife doing upstairs? I can give my house to harm!

"And the blind girl eats 300 pieces, she turned me 152 啥 意?" Hahaha ... laugh at me ~

Generally, everyone can choose to take her to eat a meal, basically a meal can judge that the other party is not interesting to himself. This netizen can't understand the behavior of girls. After the two people finished In a total of 300 yuan, the girl used WeChat to give him 152 yuan, what is her idea?

This is really a bit of a few thoughts. Many netizens began to guess. Everyone came up with various possibilities. Which one is more in line with the common sense?