Funny gif Function: That year, my classmates were caught by his father in the Internet cafe.

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Funny gif Function: That year, my classmates were caught by his father in the Internet cafe.

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Funny gif Function: That year, my classmates were caught by his father in the Internet cafe.

1. That year, I have done a few times with my boyfriend, and he didn't touch my hand. Once, we were in the park. Not far from the small couple, the girl leanss the boy, the boy is biting, the girl eats the ice cream, and sometimes it is gently kissed the girl's face ... I looked at the envy, I pointed at this pair of little couple called my boyfriend. I suggest him to have actions. If the two goods are realized, they stand up: "Do you want to eat ice cream? I will buy it !!"

2, mother-in-law can't help but feel: good people! At this time, the old man suddenly called, my beads were gone. The mother-in-law discovered that the beads on the old man was broken, and two were filled. At this time, my mother-in-law said: How much is the bead, I will lose you. Old man said: This is not true, my bead is the grandfather of my grandfather, and I haven't given more than 2 million last year.

3, recently, Xiao Zhao, the technical department, the beauty of the sales department, but it is unbelieving. We gave him an idea: communicate with E-mail, this method is fast, fashionable, and strong confidentiality. The same unit is convenient, Xiao Zhao quickly got a small business card, and there is both mobile phone numbers and E-mail addresses. After the word screamery, Xiao Zhao finally issued this case-in-the-shelf love letter. Early the next morning, Xiao Zhao Gang entered the office, I haven't come to sit down, Xiao Yan rushed in, angry, said angrily: "What do you want to do, write a pile of meat to the sales department's public mailbox ! Let everyone see it, you can't help me! "

4, Dad to go online, mom takes mobile phone to watch TV series. Suddenly listened to my mother, my father said: "What are you doing, how my WiFi signal is unstable." Dad calmly returned: "I just play the computer, how, how, the signal gives you a fan Fly? "

5. However, there is a lot of Luo Lun, which is still in the entertainment circle, but he doesn't have a sigh of breath, but actively go to all the dramas to try to try their own actives every day. Looking for the best expression, work hard to settle themselves. After two years of entering the film and television circle, Luo Qun has finally put many outstanding works. When shooting a movie "fireman's life", the director Han Wanfeng is full of praise, Luo Liqun, who has experienced the firefighters, and painted the inner and expressive painting of the armed police captain when playing firefighters. All are very satisfied with this role. Later, Luo Li Qun took the first movie, director Li Ni, and he starred many TV series.