The wife is gentle, I will give me a getting up, say: Do you see what I have different today?

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The wife is gentle, I will give me a getting up, say: Do you see what I have different today?

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I asked my basketball, my basketball said that she was a shoot.



This morning, my wife is gentle and said to gather it, say: Do you see what I am different today? Then gentle, caress your belly, my heart, my wife, you are pregnant, my wife glances me, pregnant? I touched you, I am hungry, you don't give me a meal immediately.


I went downstairs, a puppy rushed up, and I thought I had to bite me, I walked around the circle, and the woman next to it shouted to stop the dog. The dog in the hands successfully tripped me. I will stall her again. fall. . Then ... it's two people rolled into a piece, quietly looked at the chicken legs in the puppies. . .

糗糗 神 评: Dog lying down


I went to the vegetable market to buy fish, see a newly opened fish gear, the main master is a big mother, I want a squid, the big mother fishing a dying squid, I asked the mother to protect the life? The big mother is holding the fish, the fish tail is not shaking and vivid: the living life, live. I settled, I recognized that aunt was originally my alma mater, the habit of hand shaking is still constant, so I called her to change the fish ...


Today, I will cut Liu Hai ... I heard a voice that is unclear, and it is? I didn't want to say: She clip Liu Hai ... The people in the store smile ... so I found that I only speech only


On Monday, I called a small basin friend to get up, and asked him "to school for breakfast?" The little basin friend said: "No, eat in your home"


Dear, don't think I gave you a stitching wound. It's very beautiful, you are willing, we are not allowed here!


I have dinner with my friends, I only eat beef and don't eat green vegetables. He said: eat green vegetables to your body. I: Cattle is grazing, I am eating beef is also indirectly eating green vegetables. He asked; have you eaten dog meat? I……


Buddy, you have to sleep, you can't sleep, you will sell the fried fritters tomorrow. I see you send four chicken soup in one night, share the three songs, how big, big, I can't go.


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My girlfriend is usually mimicing the earth's short video.

Today, she called from my own girlfriends and ask you. If we have two interchangeably, you have to choose my body or my soul!

You have a bad call, thinking about it for a long time: ________

糗 糗 神 评: I have time, let's go together.

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