Funny paragraph: You don't pay the rent for a month, and I will stop lease if I don't pay it!

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Funny paragraph: You don't pay the rent for a month, and I will stop lease if I don't pay it!

2022-05-11 06:08:26 17 ℃


Today, the landlord came to collect the rent. The eldest sister said, "You didn't pay the rent for a month, and I stopped renting it if you don't pay it again!" I said to my elder sister: "Blame my old and ugly daughter -in -law, spend the money. I am unsatisfactory, I will definitely make up for the rent next month! "Listening to me, the elder sister is happy:" Actually, it doesn't matter if you don't pay a month, it's okay if you don't pay a year, the key is to see the attitude! ... "I am Immediately fell into contemplation; attitude ~ attitude? Intersection Intersection


My dad loves to play cards. If you go home, let his mother pour a glass of water to him, and then hold his cigarettes with a lot of zero banknotes, that is to win; That's the loss, and it has never changed for decades. I went home for half a month ago and found that he washed the dishes every day, and asked: How do I lose? Dad sighed with a long sigh: Your mother is old when I get old, and I find that I lose money when I lose!


With everyone for so long, I have been acquaintances, and I am embarrassed to continue to hide from everyone. Actually, I have super powers. I can't explain this. I do n’t dare to say it, let alone see a doctor, for fear of being arrested and dissected. Having said that, the specific performance of my superpowers is that I can control the climate change to a certain extent. How to say is that as long as I wash the car, it will rain the next day. The weather forecast is not used.


The cats raised are all surface scenery. How many corner cat urine in the back, how many mattresses have been changed, how many sofas have been abolished, how much money did the doctor spent, how much it collapsed when bathing. of.


My girlfriend told me that there is a roommate in their dormitory. When the bedside and chair have piled up their clothes pants and socks when they are piled into a mountain, she knows to wash it, and she is different. Regardless of it, I must go to wash immediately. I stretched my thumbs to boast of her diligence, and my girlfriend refuted: "Diligence and fart, not because of my less clothes!"


When I was eating snacks during class, I was discovered by the teacher when I finished eating. The teacher asked me to stand up and ask, "XX classmate, your mouth is moving, do you eat what you eat?" I was smart, anyway, there is no evidence anyway. He hurriedly said, "No." The teacher said in a hurry, "What did you move?" I hurriedly said, "Eating gum at the same table, I am imitating."


I went to drink a happy wine. Si Yi asked the groom to shout, "Wife comes out!" After shouting for a long time, Si Yi didn't think the groom was either loud enough or suspected that the groom was not affectionate enough, and he would not let the bride come out. In the end, the groom was not a kind, and said, "Wife, come out, everyone is hungry."


The at the end of the semester of surgery was not good, and he was not as good as the test. The professor gave him another chance, and he was still too late. Heng Rui vowed in front of his classmates in the dormitory. If he couldn't take the test next time, he dug out his heart. Everyone was panicked, and the professor said calmly, "Don't worry, he can't find where the heart is at all."


True. The leader explicitly banned the working hours to play with mobile phones, and the offenders were fined 500 yuan. A buddy was taken by another colleague when he played his mobile phone, and colleagues reported the photos to the leaders. The leader looked at the photos with a mobile phone, and then both of them fined 500.


Today, my birthday can not brush the bowl after eating today. My wife raised her wine glass emotionally: "My husband has worked hard to support his family!" I was flattered: "Don't work hard!" My wife did not follow: "Why not work hard? I won't say it when I go home every day. Is there hard work without credit? "俺:" Hmm. "Wife:" I have to work overtime every night, do I have no hard work and fatigue, right? " , Breakfast is too late to eat, there is no fatigue and hungry, right? "I almost moved:" Hmm. "Wife:" Isn't it reasonable? "My throat choked:" Hmm! " After meals, I will brush the bowl! "