What kind of way of eating?I haven't seen it before

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What kind of way of eating?I haven't seen it before

2022-05-11 06:08:25 18 ℃

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1. In ancient times, a rich man asked the guests to go to the restaurant for dinner. After a while, a guest ate a full plate of walnuts. There was no way, so he had to ask for another plate. He couldn't help asking: "Why do you only eat walnuts?" The guest replied: "Eat it more can moisturize the lungs." The owner frowned and said, "You just moisturize your lungs, but don't care about it."

2. The host of the FM radio station received a call from the audience. Audience: I just picked up a wallet at the door of McDonald's, which contained five more money. Moderator: Thank you very much for this enthusiastic listener. Please leave your contact number. We will help you find the owner as soon as possible. Audience: No, no, I just want to order a song, Da Zhangwei's song "Beier Shuang", expressing my current mood. Essence

3. Looking at Jianbao, a buddy was introducing his baby's duration and said, "I was obtained by chance, I wanted to know the true or false!" The host asked, "What happened?" The buddy specially specially specially Frank: "The trap on the side of the road."

4. I lost in love at the same table. During the lunch break, I saw that he took a small knife that cut the pencil and scratched it back and forth on his wrist. At the moment I was sorry, he had to commit suicide! While he didn't pay attention, he grabbed his wrist and grabbed his knife. Who knows that I didn't have his strength and did not hold it, he slipped his hand, and the knife cut deeply into his wrist ... He cried and scolded: "You have something wrong, Lao Tzu scrapes the mud with a knife with a knife Scrape your hair to mess with you! Ah, hurt me, help me stop bleeding! "

5. My girlfriend and I have attended school at Peking University, and I have to take English level 6 in two months. But English is my weaknesses. In order to improve English listening, I said to my girlfriend, "Let's communicate with English in the future." Girlfriend said: "I also just like this, just like this and learn from each other." A week later, a week later , Both of us broke up because of lack of communication!