Funny GIF Fun Map: Dog Parkour, that's quite good!

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Funny GIF Fun Map: Dog Parkour, that's quite good!

2022-05-12 00:03:40 24 ℃

Beautiful younger sister ...

Dog parkour, that's quite good!

Smart baby, can this really move?

I like to play the most when I was a kid ...

Dog: You're eating it for a mouthful

Humorly snoring: Eating, a small couple next to the table sat down, the boy rubbed his palms, took the menu and turned over and closed: I saw less nonsense, and I also asked those who loved to eat. How about it? The girl's face pulled and stared at: What nonsense? Who do you talk to? I ... the noisy people caught off guard!

Two old people are sitting on the bench of the park. "It's really tired, and there are advertisements everywhere." "You can choose our company's advertising elimination device. Use it, you can return to an era without advertising. And the latest technology, the old man said: Isn't this also advertising?

As soon as I entered the house, my wife asked me: "Why don't you answer my phone?" As soon as I heard it, the fire came up, and I was anxious: "On the 28th floor of our family, you throw the phone from such a high place. Smille me? "

My wife feeds her daughter, her daughter has a cold and coughs and bites her wife's chest. Now they are crying. I don’t know which one is comforting ...

At work in the morning, many people in the elevator. Suddenly farted, so I had to endure. Later, there were only two of the old man and the company, and I couldn't help it anymore ... 噗 ... The atmosphere was very embarrassing at the time. The boss smiled: Just now, you are worried that you are not enough to divide, right? Intersection