Happy paragraph: On the tenth day of the first month of that year, Tang Yan introduced a girl to know me

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Happy paragraph: On the tenth day of the first month of that year, Tang Yan introduced a girl to know me

2022-05-14 12:21:40 11 ℃

On the tenth day of the first month of that year, Tang Yan introduced a girl to know me, and hurriedly met a side, leaving WeChat, and went out to work.我本人比较内向,不会撩妹,和她网上聊天,都是简单的打招呼:你好,早上好,下班没有?吃饭没有?几次过后,明显能感觉到她越来越冷漠……后来, I applied for a female title and added some boys. How they stunned me, I took the girl. In this way, there are endless topics with that girl, and often talk about three times. Two months later, the girl resigned from work, holding a big bag, and appeared in front of me ...

After the class flowers who had been overdue for more than half a year, she moved to my pursuit. We have always been very loving at school, and are the fairy relatives in the eyes of students. After graduating from college, I rented a house of more than 50 square meters with her, and did not save 10,000 yuan for three years. On my 26th birthday, I proposed to my girlfriend. I kneeled in front of my girlfriend with a fake ring and said: You are my baby, no one will give it, even if others take 10 million to change, I don't agree! After listening to the girlfriend, she cried directly, and then said a very embarrassing thing: Never! If there really is, you can change it quickly, and I want to live a good life too!

When I transferred the money to the female colleague who leased the money, I accidentally had an additional 0 more. I hurriedly asked her to give me the excess. As a result, she said, "Brother, why are you so embarrassed, 500 becomes 5000, don't you have 4500? In our relationship, can't you give you so much money?" I said, "Don't talk, our relationship, our relationship Normally, hurry up to give me the money! "The female colleague said," Brother, otherwise, I invite you to dinner. "I refused at eleven o'clock in the evening. The female colleague said, "Brother, are you stupid?" I sneered secretly, who didn't know her thoughts, and went out for a meal so late, and then I was definitely embarrassed to ask for money. But that's 4500, it's not cost -effective!

Today I led the little nephew to attend the wedding. Because of the shorts I wore, this little guy was curious and kept touching my thighs, which made me very embarrassing but helpless. I had to coax him to let him not touch it. Buy toys. When the newcomer was toasting to my table, I stood up and raised it. This little guy was touching my thigh again, and told the bride: Auntie, my uncle's legs are so hairy, do you want to touch it? I……

The school classroom was not enough. A few board rooms were built on the south side of the playground. The contractor was my high school classmate. I invited him to dinner at night. He said that he was an industry that began to contact since last year. He has not earned money a year and has been pitted by more than 5 million! I sympathized with him, so I had to comfort him: "There was no experience before, just slowly. In these years, I have saved tens of thousands of dollars in saving money. He said busy: "No, my dad said that he paid the tuition fee last year, and he gave him 5 million this year. With experience this time, he could make money back at the end of the year ..." " Well, since you don't use it, I will continue to keep the private money of tens of thousands of dollars ... "